Being ‘Afraid’ is the Only Thing Preventing America From Being Great Again!

Being ‘Afraid’ is the Only Thing Preventing America From Being Great Again!

FDR’s “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” has become sound advise after hearing how many Americans, after the predictable election results were released, commented on how being afraid is how they feel about the current political situation around the world with President Trump at the Helm. They seem to want only diplomacy, and not the hawkish tendencies of a President whose only experience is being right and honest about his commitment to his word!

The only people that should be ‘afraid’ are the elected officials that we entrusted to follow our mandated agenda as dictated by America’s election result, no matter what side of the aisle their on! These land locked stick in the mud permanent fixtures in congress who are leading the ‘want to make a difference’ newbie’s won’t be getting the reins to the party until they understand the process of obstruction, resistance, being Progressive, or back stabbing RINO’s, or in other words, carrying on with the feckless legacy of loser’s outdated and misleading ideas, and misplaced patriotism! When it comes to the approval ratings just out today, you will see that the approval for Democrats is 37%, Republicans 30%, Congress as a whole 13%, President Trump 36%, and President Trumps economy 68%, a 32 point gap over the lie of President Trump’s true approval ratings! 

Let me tell you something that might not be as obvious to you, as it is to me! Diplomacy is not what it is all cranked up to be, and after 4 times in the last 25 years of America’s diplomatic strategy with North Korea being about writing them a check drawn on the taxpayer’s bank account, and then kicking the NOKO nuclear can down the road for the next administration to deal with!

You want to talk about the communication skills needed during the diplomatic negotiations of a particular situational resolve where religious contradictions, interpretive meaning, traditional protocols and procedures, and body language is interpreted in so many different ways and meanings, as there are the number of agenda journalists in the room.

President Trump’s advantage and expertise is one that is internationally understood with very little interpretive obstacles that come about when using Diplomacy. For all of you that don’t know, it’s the biggest common denominator known by every big time negotiator in the world, and that’s ‘MONEY,’ you know, the root of all evil? Everyone and anyone that sits down at the table to negotiate a settlement knows that there is no real misinterpretations when it comes to the actual dollars and ‘sense’ that’s needed to close any deal! After watching the latest statistics and poll numbers we can see that Obama’s political correctness has not only backfired in some cases, but truly revealing when it comes to the real reason a lot of the American people, who approve of the direction of the country, but not this outsider nonpolitician, who is just doing what he promised he would do! The only thing that President Trump is doing is what Obama refused to do, and that’s just reinstating the practice of following the laws, the Constitution, and eliminating the regulations that were forcing our companies and industries over the last couple of Administrations to seek tax and regulatory relief by moving overseas because of the bipartisan ‘Swamps’ Global agenda.

I don’t think the once proud and patriotic people of America, after the small and predictable results of the last election a few days ago, understood what was actually happening within their own minds, and the cause of their overall disenchantment with the ‘State of the Union.’

A couple of interesting but disturbing facts that were just slightly under the surface of the real truth about the current feeling of the American people just reared its ugly head! The ‘first’ fact was that the reason a lot of people didn’t approve of President Trump was because they were afraid of the outcome of his leadership! Afraid of what is what we all should be asking ourselves?

After the last eight years before President Trump we had a Progressive President that was hell bent on making sure that political correctness reigned, and by doing so, inserting a Psychological wedge between every aspect of every American’s social compass. If you have the smallest amount of ‘recall’ then hopefully you can remember a time before Obama, and that is when Progressive political correctness wasn’t dominating the news and altering your perception and bias against your once close friends, family, and co-workers?

Just using that term ‘Afraid,’ should show all Americans how times have changed, and when the intentional oppression of the economy, our once military prowess, and the rule of law and constitution, by the agenda of a President that believes that an apology tour for America’s generosity and support over the last 244 years deserves top priority! How blind does someone have to be when seeing a President of the United States making his top priority being to bash the country he represents, and the people who elected him to office within the first year of his first term of being President of the most exceptional country in the world?  I don’t know if you’re up to date with the constant state of deception and manipulation that’s going on in the ‘Swamp,’ but in a formula as old as government itself we see a government created problem, especially when it happens to a Socialist state, will be resolved by the government. If we see an intentional attempt to create an environment of political correctness by a Socialist community planner who came to Washington with a 8 point ‘to do’ list to transform America to something other than what’s worked for America for the past 244 years, you know that there’s something really wrong with the ‘State of the Union!’ 

I finally realized that it wasn’t me going crazy, but the ones pulling the strings to a alternative ideological reality that is very different from our own, but on the other hand the same if you’re talking about another third world nation that won’t get the same benefits as Americans, but can still be friends! 

If the Liberal left and other Americans are so afraid of this un-orthodox outsider nonpolitician President who marches to the beat of a different drummer, then they just don’t remember the way it was before 911 when terrorism wasn’t the lead story on MSM’s nightly news, or a headline in any major tabloid?

I remember when the only thing I was afraid of was me, myself, and ‘I,’ but when my first child came into the world, I got religion, got rid of some of my questionable toys and habits, and looked at the world in a different way, but one things for sure, being afraid never came to mind! Are you trying to tell me that you weren’t afraid when Obama declared peacetime Martial Law in the first half of his first term? Then I guess you weren’t afraid when Obama went on his first international tour as President to apologize to the top world leaders for America’s generosity and military intervention when asked for help? Weren’t you afraid when you found out that Obama and his Secretary of State contributed to the start of ISIS because of the quick departure of America troops from Iraq, the funding of the Syrian Rebels, a.k.a. ISIS, the lost or misplaced $6 Billion dollars from Hillary’s State Department when she was Secretary of State, and the White House admitted $400 Million dollars’ worth of weaponry that was accidently given to ISIS. How about when Obama and Kerry gave Iran the bomb by overriding the U.N. sanctions on Iran that had worked since the late 1970’s, and then paying Iran some $1.7 Billion in the dark of night in cash so that they could now purchase from their number one trading partner, North Korea, instead of enriching their own Uranium to fulfill their nuclear ability ambitions because it was financially sound, owed to them since the Iran Hostage crisis back in the 1970’s, and then because of all the saving for American people, because of the lower interest rates, when not a penny had to be paid.

You know that I could go on, but unfortunately I don’t have a week or so to do so. The point I’m trying to make here is that if you are one of those Americans who are ‘afraid’ of President Trump’s presidency, then Obama might have succeeded in causing the Wimpification of America, and Hillary, if elected, would have completed the Obama dream!

Are you not afraid of the continuation of open borders, Unvetted and illegal immigrants and refugees that come to America to do harm and not even bother to assimilate?

Are you not afraid of the continual spread of ISIS, and the already increasing domestic attacks on America and America’s Christian based beliefs by radicalized Islamic Terrorists?

Are you not afraid of what would have become of our military, which Obama and Hillary had no plans to rebuild, if Hillary would have won?

Are you not afraid of what would have become of the first and second Amendments of the constitution if Hillary would have won?

Are you not afraid of what the Supreme Court would have legally determined if a Progressive, not a constitutionalist Justice like Neil Gorsuch, was selected to fill Justice Scalia’s seat?

Wouldn’t you be more afraid today if President Trump didn’t put on his big boy pants and defend the redline threats in Syria that Obama refused to do that resulted in the deaths of some 400,000 innocent men, women, and children?

Wouldn’t you be more afraid today if President Trump didn’t lift the regulations on our companies and corporations that create jobs here at home, and now preventing these companies to stay here at home on American soil, while other companies come back home to roost again?

Wouldn’t you be more afraid today to know that the Progressives on the left, and the RINO’s on the right would intentionally sabotage the economy, and then use feckless excuses to back their clandestine Globalist agenda? What’s needed for these globalists is to control the lives and finances of the American People just like Obama attempted to do during his entire 8 years in office, as proven by the on the record number people in Poverty, the record breaking number of people on Welfare, the record breaking number of people either out of work, or giving up looking for work, the record breaking trade deficit number, and the record breaking public funds that were transferred from America’s defense fund to Obama’s unconstitutional and illegal immigration policies, just in the same way Obama moved money from Medicare to fund Obamacare, and to expand Medicaid!

What you need to understand is that this formula is as old as government itself,  and hat is ‘A problem that is created by government, now demands the government to come up with the fix!’

We see Obamacare, which was created by Democrats using the nuclear option to pass without one Republican vote, is now being dumped on the government to be fixed! The left has done nothing and continues to only obstruct and resist without proposing, in writing, what their recommendations for a fix, would be for fear of sticking their foot in their mouth just like their fearless leaders Pelosi and Schumer do on a regular basis!

We see the Obama Administration imposing high taxes and regulations on our companies and corporation for the sole purpose of implementing the world order’s redistribution of wealth by having our technical and innovative accomplishments to be outsourced to the rest of the world, but now, because these once American companies are now exporting their products to America from whatever country they reopened shop, they are no longer having to pay those same tax and tariffs they used to when competing in other markets in the world, and that includes America, the biggest consumer market in the world!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Obama’s and other past globalist following administrations of the past forced companies, because of the highest corporate taxes in the world and strictest regulations, to relocate to save on taxes, and to avoid the effects that regulations and Unions have on a company’s profitability. The new world order’s plan was to spread America’s business plan around the world for all to see, and to take advantage of a one-way redistribution of wealth around the world by using the American taxpayer’ as the bank account while making the American people the easy and political correct ‘mark!’

So, there is only one thing you really need to know, and that’s Government creates a problem and then offers a solution through its beauracratic maze of incompetence!