Democrats,Schumer, Pelosi, Ellison, and Perez, Don’t Believe in a ‘Middle Class!’

How disingenuous and deceiving are Schumer and Pelosi when they talk about the middle class, when there is no middle class in Socialism, Communism, or the left’s future Socialist plans for America should they ever take back the House, Senate, or White House? I guess the word ‘Sucker’ comes to mind when Schumer and Pelosi start … Read more

The ‘Deep State’: Trapped Like Rats on Their Already Sinking Ship!

You had to know, like I mentioned the other day, that the ‘Left’ had to come up with something to counter the new revelations coming out about the collusion by the Obama Administration with selling off 20% of America’s Uranium to our number one enemy. It seems that ‘Deep State’ agent Robert Mueller’s investigation, along with the … Read more

Hillary’s “Deep State’ and Her ‘Trickery’ Will Get the ‘Treat’ She Deserves!

All Americans must be feeling a little better today about the corrupt Obama ‘State of America’s Intelligence,’ and the over whelming evidence that was just released of the DNC and Hillary funding of the ‘Trump Dossier’ against Obama’s and Hillary’s ‘Deep State,’ but hopefully end with some very elite members of the Obama Administration in jail. The fix was in and … Read more

The American People Drew the Short Straw When it Comes to ‘Fair and Balanced!’

I don’t care if you’re fair and balanced or any other ‘Paid to Report’ Media mouthpiece that is trying to play it straight with the public by doing the right thing, and that’s because you chose to ignore the American people’s mandate from the very beginning, and failed to recognize how important it was to do the peoples bidding! It’s never too … Read more

Facebook Using the ‘Spam’ Excuse to Censor, Silence, and Intimidate!

Here we go again! Facebook has blocked my latest ‘Post’ on Gun Control (Below) and has blocked my ability to post until 10/13, next Thursday. They say it was flagged for being ‘Spam,’ but I say it’s just educating my friends with what the ‘Paid to Report’ Media refuses to do, their job! If you … Read more