Disrespect for the Rule of Law Runs Deep When Parents abandon their Responsibility!

Where was the UCLA marching band when these three hoodlums, who represented the best of College Basketball, decided that China’s rule of law wouldn’t stop them shoplifting anything and everything that they could stuff in their pockets, and how lucky they were that President Trump was able to get them a ‘get out of jail … Read more

Taking a Political Side Means Playing Into the ‘Swamp’s Hand!

America’s future is not about taking a side within the two party political system that has betrayed our trust, and ignored everything ‘constitutionally correct,’ but taking a side that has nothing to do with picking one of two when they both appear to be the one and the same is not the perfect ‘forced’ scenario when … Read more

Blame the American People and the People’s Mandate for What’s Wrong with America!

There is no honesty amongst thieves, especially in Washington, and when it comes to the people, the people’s mandate, or the People’s President, our elected officials got something better to do, which has nothing to do with their oath of office, their hate for America, or their belief in the ‘Rule of Law!‘ Caring about becoming another multi-millionaire within … Read more