Democrats,Schumer, Pelosi, Ellison, and Perez, Don’t Believe in a ‘Middle Class!’

How disingenuous and deceiving are Schumer and Pelosi when they talk about the middle class, when there is no middle class in Socialism, Communism, or the left’s future Socialist plans for America should they ever take back the House, Senate, or White House? I guess the word ‘Sucker’ comes to mind when Schumer and Pelosi start … Read more

Transparency Challenges the Trump Dossier, and Hillary’s Uranium One Deal?

I guess with the NYT and Washington Post coming out with responsible stories on the truth behind the Trump Dossier, and the Uranium One deal, that the true intent of Alinskyites Obama and Hillary’s crooked and corrupt cats are out of the bag, and hoping that their days in the sun will be cut short!   I think all Americans can … Read more

Hollywood Elite Having ‘Fun’ Making Fun of America’s Mandate!

Direct TV came to my rescue Sunday night and didn’t even know it, and that’s because there’s been a dispute between the owners of my local CBS station and Direct TV, and for the last week or so I’ve had no ability to see anything on CBS! I guess I missed the ‘never Trump’ shennanigans of the participants honoring the Hollywood elite, and their self-serving ‘Emmy’s, which … Read more