Taking a Political Side Means Playing Into the ‘Swamp’s Hand!

America’s future is not about taking a side within the two party political system that has betrayed our trust, and ignored everything ‘constitutionally correct,’ but taking a side that has nothing to do with picking one of two when they both appear to be the one and the same is not the perfect ‘forced’ scenario when … Read more

President Trump Takes Back Abandoned Leadership Role on World Stage!

President Trump is taking back the reins of the long-abandoned leadership role on the World Stage after it went missing, intentionally, under the not so caring watchful eye of the Obama administration! We don’t have to pretend anymore that these bipartisan obstructionist leaders should never have been allowed to stay in office after two terms, and … Read more

DACA, President Trump, and Congressional Approval’s Last Stand for MAGA, According to the ‘Will’ of the American People!

It appears that the GOP leadership has lied to the American people for the last 8 years, and have been playing that Socialist Globalist ball all along. We had cancer recipient McCain fall on his sword to stop the debate on the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, and now having GOP’ers bypassing the ‘will’ of the … Read more

The ‘Left-Right’ Paradigm is Still Screwing America’s Exceptionalism!

The pecking order in America’s politics is controlled by the ever-present ‘Left-Right Paradigm,’ which has been out to undermine our Constitutional Republic since the days of Jimmy Carter. the ‘Swamp’ has been screwing with America’s exceptionalism and the Constitution ever since Lincoln, during the civil war, collected the first income tax to help fund the war … Read more

President Trump’s Charlottesville: Finding the ‘Right’ Narrative, and What’s ‘Left’ to be Done!

I guess being the President of ‘all’ America isn’t good enough for agenda journalist who want him to point fingers at specific slices of targeted anti-American groups that are not preapproved by the ‘Deep State.’ President Trump’s Charlottesville is about the continuation of alienating and dividing all levels of America’s alt-left Social engineered attempt to transform … Read more