Taking a ‘Knee’ Against America’s Exceptionalism is What the ‘Swamp’ Does Best!!

Taking a ‘Knee’ against America is something Obama, Hillary, and the ‘Swamp’ are very good at, and you should know this by just checking out what they’ve accomplished over the last 8 years under the Obama Administration, and how his lap dogs, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, just sat by and let it happen! Ryan and McConnell never thought that ‘a’ President … Read more

Deep State Con Man, Mitch McConnell, is Dragging American’s Mandates to 2018, and Granting Globalism its Socialist Wish!

It’s become apparent to me and anyone with half a brain, that Obama’s ‘Deep State,’ and the bipartisan ‘Swamp,’ is attempting to string out the American peoples mandate until the 2018 midterms so that the Agenda Journalists, and ‘Never Trumpers,’ can get to their perceived promise land, and get rewarded for their combined effort to … Read more