Taking a ‘Knee’ Against America’s Exceptionalism is What the ‘Swamp’ Does Best!!

Taking a ‘Knee’ against America is something Obama, Hillary, and the ‘Swamp’ are very good at, and you should know this by just checking out what they’ve accomplished over the last 8 years under the Obama Administration, and how his lap dogs, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, just sat by and let it happen! Ryan and McConnell never thought that ‘a’ President … Read more

Whose ‘Left’ on the ‘Right,’ Ryan and McConnell?

If Ryan, McConnell had spent more time defending the American People from Obama’s Socialist Globalism agenda by destroying America from within, then the rise of Trump would never have happened!! After all, they made their own bed, so, let them sleep in it!!  I think we’ve had enough time to see what side of the aisle Paul Ryan is … Read more