It’s Forks, Cell Phones, Video Games, and Hollywood That Need to be Controlled, Not Guns!

Do guns need to be controlled, or should forks, knives, and spoons, the time our kids and grand kids spend on cell phones, or playing violent videogames and watching gun infested violent Hollywood Movies? Lack of control of any of the above will hasten a ‘slow’ death by either neglecting your health, Social ignorance, or the need for perceived violence … Read more

President Trump Takes Back Abandoned Leadership Role on World Stage!

President Trump is taking back the reins of the long-abandoned leadership role on the World Stage after it went missing, intentionally, under the not so caring watchful eye of the Obama administration! We don’t have to pretend anymore that these bipartisan obstructionist leaders should never have been allowed to stay in office after two terms, and … Read more

September 11th Remembered, Dreamers Lost, RHINO’s Deceiving, Swamp Getting Deep!

September 11th will be, if accurately reported and remembered by the Media, a dark place in the hearts of all that remember that day! But 16 years after September 11th, I doubt that DACA Dreamers remember very little to nothing about that day because of the Progressives and RINO’s attempt to erase that unpolitical correct possibility of the implication of a certain … Read more