Congress’s 545 Members Have a lot to Hide, Which They’ve Done Very Well!

Congress’s 545 Members Have a lot to Hide, Which They’ve Done Very Well!

President Trump has led the unsuspecting ‘Paid to Report’ Media and the 545 members of Congress into the light for all Americans to see, and exposing how our elected officials have decided, because they make the laws, that term limits will never become a reality, and that the Lobbyist’s who funnel outside interest’s foreign money to buy favor from our members of congress have to be registered if representing a foreign entity, which many don’t as we see the Mannford connection being outed,  but these elected officials, like Term Limits that won’t be addressed, don’t and won’t allow any law that will make them disclose who they got these lobbyists money from, or whose manipulating and controlling their ‘Paid to Legislate and vote’ strings!

Have you ever wondered what the attraction for an American citizen to want to be a politician and serve the American people? Is it because most Americans have fallen asleep at the wheel and don’t really or care to understand how much it truly costs to run for public office? Have you ever thought about where they are getting the money to run for public office? Have you ever thought about how stupid their constituency is because they think they’re running because of a higher calling, but why then after serving, are these patriots now walking away millionaires after they’re higher calling has been satisfied? 

It appears that after the revelations of the collusion between more than a few members of our Intel community, and their ‘Never Trump’ agenda, that the passage of ‘Citizens United’ some 7 years ago under the Obama Administration, proves that the real collusion is not between the Russians and President Trump’s campaign, but the adjustable and ignored election laws by the ‘Deep State’ members of congress! The silence of the Paid to Report Media and their dishonest reporting about the money involved with altering our founding father’s vision and blueprint for a free and independent nation, is deafening!

I guess what I’m asking here is did RINO’s Corker and Flake, two Republicans who are not looking to get reelected, get what they came to Washington for?

To know now that our elected 545 officials who took an oath of office to defend and protect the Constitution, have only shown America that they are only capable of disrespecting the rule of law, and the constitution by their actions of the last 8 years under Obama that allowed and supported the political correctness that Obama used against our founding father’s constitution, rule of law by the Progressives on the ‘left,’ and the RINO’s on the ‘right!’

I almost believe that Obama’s claims of being the most transparent Administration in the last few administrations might be partially true, but that’s until President Trump’s Administration exposed the corruptions in the political selection process that decidedly didn’t take into account the ‘Will’ of the American people’s preference. In the last primary cycle President Trump exposed this blatant lie, and called the GOP out for letting the American people think that they had a say in the selection process when they didn’t! Now with the once DNC leader, Donna Brazile, revealing to the Democratic constituency that they also have no say in the Primary process either, and the willful sabotage of Bernie Sanders campaign by ‘crooked’ Hillary Clinton can probably expected to continue! When the 2018 midterms, which is about a year away, comes rolling in with the ‘Swamp’s’ continued disrespect for the ‘Will’ of the American people! We can only hope now that America wakes up, and no matter what side of the aisle your on, drain the ‘Swamp’ using your own self-imposed term limits on these over the hill politicians who have outlived there usefulness and vision for America. These once visionary’s who wanted to make a difference at first when coming to Washington have decided to continue on bypassing and ignoring the checks and balances of our constitution, rule of law, and decided, without their constituency’s approval, to be moving the country further left of center!   

Obama’s proclamations about being transparent is almost credible now when you think about how un-transparent the Congress, who now appears to have accepted the money from special interest’s, and driven these elected officials to becoming our countries ‘Deep State’ political puppeteers! Obama’s goal was all about selling America’s sovereignty to the highest bidder, spending as much America Taxpayer’s dollars on whatever would advance his transformation of America’s exceptionalism to Socialism, and using his agenda to financially redistribute and fund his unconstitutional immigration policies by intentionally dismantling, defunding, and downsizing our military’s strength and prowess on the world stage.

In the year 2016 the political campaign finance system was proven corrupt and controlled by both foreign and domestic special interest billionaires, and therefore fear that our once cherished government of the people, by the people, and for the people, is beginning to slowly disappear because of the last 8 years of the Obama Administration. 

The problem as I see it is that our youth haven’t been armed with the civic knowledge needed to make the right decision when considering the best path for this country to be going down in the future! This situation is more than just a conundrum, but very troublesome, and that’s because of complacency and allowing normal expectation of our educational system to be taken for granted for doing the job of educating our children in the same way we were educated prior to the 911 attacks! 16 years is a lifetime for many Americans, and if our children watched the Obama politically correct effect being the cause of these once responsible parents not being able to be home because of working multiple part time jobs to get by, and as a result breaking down these families core values, and with the lack of extended family cooperation to help enforce the values of past generations, we need to revisit and reexamine our priorities.  

Without family values being passed down by the previous generations, today’s youth have no clue about what’s expected of them, and the family history that these extended family member’s experienced when either being successful or failing! There actually is no wrong or right path, but only a responsible path where taking responsibility for ones actions is the only words worth listening to, and that’s because understanding that the best teacher you ever had, was your last mistake!

Without the expectation and responsibility of today’s youth being dictated by the individual’s positive past family history, know that no matter what path they decide to take in life, the extended family members and friends need to participate in the quality time where past experiences and responsibility can help guide and educate the leaders of tomorrow while instilling responsible choices.

The youth of today have never had any of these basic guidelines explained to them, don’t know where the examples of the past comes into play, and as a result never understood why America is so exceptional, why America is considered a world leader, and why America’s liberties, freedoms, and rights are unsurpassed by any other country in the world!

The next question the youth of America should be asking, and responsibly answered, is why if all this were true, how did a President, like Barack Obama be allowed to go on a world apology tour to bash America’s past, proclaim America is not exceptional, and be allowed, because of his intentional political correct division of every American’s Social and economic status, to hoodwink the American people to generate a governance ideological change to America!

We cannot allow that to happen!

Six years ago, as a result of the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision, by a 5-to-4 vote, the U.S. Supreme Court essentially said to the outside and inside wealthiest special interests in this country:

“You already own much of the American economy. Now, we are going to give you the opportunity to purchase the U.S. Government, the White House, the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House, Governors’ seats, legislatures, and State judicial branches as well.”

The Citizens United decision hinges on the absurd notion that money is speech, corporations are people, and giving huge piles of undisclosed cash to politicians in exchange for access and influence does not constitute corruption.

During the 2016 campaign cycle, billions of dollars from the wealthiest special interests in the world, along with their lobbyists, flooded the political process. Super PACs – a direct outgrowth of the Citizens United decision – are enabling the wealthiest special interests and lobbyists in this country to contribute unlimited amounts of money to the corrupt bipartisan ‘Swamp’ campaigns.

The situation has become so absurd that super PACs, and lobbyists. which theoretically operate independently of the actual candidates, have more money and more influence over campaigns than the candidates themselves.

Let’s be honest and acknowledge what we are talking about. We are talking about a rapid movement in this country toward a political system in which a handful of very wealthy people and special interest lobbyists will determine who gets elected or who does not get elected. That is not what this country is supposed to be about. That was not Abraham Lincoln’s vision of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

As former President Jimmy Carter recently said, unlimited money in politics, “violates the essence of what made America a great country in its political system. Now, it’s just an oligarchy, with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the ‘in the bag’ fixed  nominations for president elected through trickery, deception, and collusion!  And the same thing applies to governors and U.S. Senators and congress members. So now we’ve just seen a complete subversion of our political system as a payoff to major special interest contributors and lobbyists, who want, expect, and sometimes get favors for themselves after the election’s over.”

The need for real campaign finance reform is not a progressive issue. It is not a conservative issue. It is an American issue. It is an issue that should concern all Americans, regardless of their political point of view, who wish to preserve the essence of the longest standing Democratic Republic in the world, a government that represents all of the people and not a handful of powerful and wealthy special interests and the lobbyists that represent them.

Real campaign finance reform must happen as soon as possible. That is why we must overturn, through a constitutional amendment, the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision as well as the Buckley v. Valeo decision. That is why we need to pass legislation to require wealthy individuals and special interests who make large campaign contributions to disclose where their money is going, and what representatives who has been sent to Washington by their constituency, and taking advantage of lining their pockets with the money making ‘Pay to Play’ bribe! More importantly, it is why we need to move toward the public funding of elections.

Our vision for American democracy should be a nation in which all people, regardless of their income, can participate in the political process, can run for office without begging for contributions from the wealthiest and most powerful special interests in the world.

Our vision for the future of this country should be one in which candidates are not telling outside and inside America special interest billionaires, and lobbyists at special forums what they can do for them.

Our vision for our Democratic Republic should be one in which candidates are speaking to the vast majority of our people – working people, the middle class, low-income people, the elderly, the children, the sick, and the poor – and discussing with them their ideas as to how we can improve lives for all of the legal citizens in this country.

It is essential that we:

Only appoint Supreme Court justices who will make it a priority to believe in and follow the constitution, overturn Citizens United, and who understand that corruption in politics means more than just quid pro quo.

Fight to pass a constitutional amendment making it clear that Congress and the states have the power to regulate money in elections, pass a comprehensive voter ID law that would not allow, like California and New York as an example, illegal immigrants and refugees to vote, and require mandatory civic Classes in every progressive leaning, higher education colleges and Universities that receive any financial aid from the taxpayers who’s ‘Will’ has been disrespected for at least the last 30 years.

Fight for a publicly financed, transparent system of campaign financing that amplifies small donations, a mandatory federal voter ID backed Elections, and the transparency of vetting the contributors of every candidate running in order to prevent any alternative political idealistic Ideologue’s motives that are not in line with our found father’s Constitution, and rule of law!  

Insist on complete transparency regarding the funding of campaigns, include through disclosure the contributions to outside spending groups via legislation, and actions need to be taken by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Election Commission, and Federal Communication Commission, while the President contributes an executive order requiring government contractors to disclose their political spending.

Fight to eliminate super PACs and other outside spending abuses.

Work to aggressively enforce campaign finance rules and mandatory voter ID laws.

Getting big money out of politics is vital, but much more needs to be done to restore our Constitutional Republic to the days before 911. Notably, we must ensure that all legal Americans are guaranteed an effective and legal right to vote. Campaign finance reform must be accompanied by efforts to strengthen legal voting rights – restoring the full protections of the Voting Rights Act, expanding early voting and vote-by-mail, implementing automatic legal and backed by a Federal voter ID registration and law, ending gerrymandering and making Election Day a national holiday, among others.

When nearly two-thirds of the electorate did not vote in 2014 midterm elections, and 3 million illegal immigrants and refugees voted in the 2016 elections, it is clear we need radical change to bring more legal Americans into the political system. Our constitutional republic cannot be truly representative unless elected officials hear from all of their constituents, not just the wealthy special interests and lobbyists!

Returning to a government of, by, and for the people – not the billionaire outside interests and lobbyists who represent foreign interests – will not be easy. We need not some, but all of the measures highlighted here. This will require agreement of Congress, or in the case of a constitutional amendment, two-thirds of the Congress and three-quarters of the states.

We’re going to get there by building up the America First movement – a movement with enough patriotic power not only to elect a president but to insist that all of our elected representatives return power to the people, a movement that not only identifies the deep corruption of our politics but rejects cynicism and instead insists on solutions, action and accountability that will make America great again!

~~by Bernie’s campaign, with a few needed twists and turns from yours truly!    …lol