Jeff Sessions Recusal: Forcing President Trump to Bring a Knife to a Gunfight With One Hand Tied Behind his Back!

Jeff Sessions Recusal: Forcing President Trump to Bring a Knife to a Gunfight With One Hand Tied Behind his Back!

Because of Jeff Sessions recusal, President Trump has been forced to bring a knife to a gunfight with one hand tied behind his back, especially when it comes to the ‘Swamp’s’ fixed version of their truth and justice!

Time for the Soft-Spoken Jeff Sessions, who took himself out of the political fight for America’s political ideological life when he was needed to help fend off the corrupt and unconstitutional ‘Deep State’ of Obama because he recused himself from the Russian collusion with the Trump campaign allegations.

The Trump Administration can’t continue on with an Attorney General who has one hand tied behind his back, but after hearing the questions and answers in regards to Sessions future recusal opportunities, could be two hands, which won’t work when it comes to fighting for the law of the land, our constitution, and the future of America!

As I sit here listening to AG Jeff Sessions being questioned by the House Judiciary Committee I’m just a little taken back by how the left uses broad brush questioning, and just looking for a straight yes or no answers. They say it’s because of the 5-minute time limit each questioner has, but clearly a vague path for agenda journalist to use their interpretation and intent to cloud and undermine the accuracy of an honest man!

The Liberal Left’s questioning of AG Sessions was only about trying to bring out any racist, misogynist, or any negative information that they can attach to President Trump, and by doing so, proving how shallow, dishonest, and deceptive these politicians are! Trump is like the fox in the hen house, and to the dismay of every member of the ‘Deep State, who believed with a Hillary victory, that their crimes against the republic, and our constitution, would be forgiven and overlooked, but as it now turns out, made a huge mistake by putting all their eggs in the wrong basket!

President Trump’s victory pretty much gives him all access to any information that can and would crush, not only Hillary, but the 8 years where Obama and his band of ideological thieves. These loyal Alinskyites who have no interest in the rule of law or following the guidelines laid out by our Constitutional Republic, knows this, and the reason why these Liberals will do anything and everything that will always make them ‘Never Trumpers.’ The end result for these members of the ‘swamp,’ because of them not living up to their oath of office of protecting and defending the constitution of the United States of America, will result in these members of congress being hung out to dry, and not only being set up for political ridicule by their constituency, but more than likely the recipients of criminal and treasonous charges that could end them up in jail!

Jeff Sessions, by recusing himself from the Russian investigation, is working against President Trump’s agenda of draining the ‘Swamp,’ and as a result, protecting the ‘Swamp’ from the true justice that they deserve! After witnessing the questions asked by the Liberal ‘left’ Congressmen members of Sessions ‘tell all’ committee about recusing himself if future allegations into Hillary Clinton come up, is not only disturbing, but opening up a whole other can of worms!  I’m not all that comfortable with his responses, or his easily interpreted comments that will be used by agenda journalist’s ‘Broad Brush’ half-truths and innuendos that will make this Trump Attorney General to appear incompetent and compromised! 

The American people’s judgement day for Hillary Clinton and the so many members of Obama’s Socialist Gestapo is close at hand, but if denied, would be more than likely because of this honest and dedicated politician didn’t step aside, didn’t take back his Senate seat that appears to be going to be vacant because of the allegations of Judge Moore’s extra curriculum activity with girls half his age, and to restore the faith of the people of Alabama, which would allow President Trump to check off another box on his ‘Make America Great Again to do list. 

We now know, with Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, who was heading up the investigation into the Uranium One investigation during the Obama Administration, replaced Jeff Sessions after the AG’s recusal from the Russian investigation, and his partner in crime, Robert Mueller, the head of the FBI under the Obama Administration, because of J. Edgar Comey’s intentional ruse to initiate a ‘in the bag’ Special Council to look into the Russian allegations of collusion, that their already known conflict of interest, and being a very big part of Hillary’s Uranium One cover-up, could and probably would be the cause of action that will end them both up in jail!

Robert Mueller has had card Blanche and hired heavy Liberal contributors to the Obama’s agenda of Socialist truth and justice. Mueller now had free reign over anything and anywhere his investigation took him to ensure that his own ass would never be put on the chopping block. With over a year for some investigations, and only coming up with a passing ship in the night close encounter with some weeded out pretenders who wanted to get close to the Trump campaign for god knows what, the only charges that can be brought against any of these ‘plants’ were pre-Trump year’s violations, with no strings attached to anything Trump!

I hate to say this, but if Jeff Sessions doesn’t have the chutzpah to hold his own against the Obama/Hillary ‘Deep State’ wolf pack when it comes to the lashing out by the protectors of the left’s unconstitutional indiscretions, then Sessions stepping down is the only remedy and right thing to do that will stop this assault, by the liberal left, on our Constitutional Republic, rule of law, and America’s Constitution!!