For the last 8 Christmases the Obama Administration, and then the ‘Deep State’ of ‘Obama and Hillary, after Obama left office, ‘Scrooged’ America, and still continue to support the ‘Left wings’ agenda to transform the American people’s belief in the Constitutional, to accept it the Progressive way by having the American people live without hope, and never being able to see that light at the end of that long ‘Socialist Globalist’ 8 year Obama tunnel that’s been shoved down their throats, without their knowledge, and for what seems like eternity! 

These Progressive Liberals seemed to have forgotten the way it was when bipartisanship ruled the land! This Progressive branch of the Democratic Party still chooses, even after being voted out of office, still choose to gnawing away at our Constitutional Republic, and America’s sovereignty! The real killer here though is that Liberals still believe that they’re holding the winning ticket that will win them back the House and Senate by continuing their doing nothing, and ignoring the cry’s of the American people, like Obama did when over 70% were against the deal with Iran, but still did it anyway!  

Obama for the last 8 years has ‘Scrooged’ the American people, and with Christmas within a week away, America now appears to be seeing that ‘America First’ star over that ‘Christian manger’ again, and completely finished with Obama’s Socialist vision for America’s past, present, and future!

President Trump’s perceived notion of what his overall vision and message would be for the future of America, and the next 7 years, took all year to complete! The result seems to have, not only a well-researched revelation, but a flash from the past by reuniting America’s Founding Fathers original vision with today’s American Dream, and then using intervention to eradicate the addiction to Obama’s ‘free’ to get hooked on ‘Socialist’s’ ‘political correct’ drug, which unbeknownst to the American people, have actually been taking this Socialist elixir by either shooting-up, snorting, smoking, or swallowing! ….. Oh, did I forget drink, like the ‘Kool-Aide Obama and Hillary have been dishing out for years starting with their first addiction to Saul Alinsky’s messaging!

For the first time in a along time, at least for the past 8 years, our children can actually sit on Santa’s lap and ask for something other than for Mom or Dad finding a job, the bank not taking their house away, and not having to go to school everyday to be taught how to take a test (Common Core) where the answers, and only answers, are geared to making Socialism ‘the one size fits all’ reality in the minds of our children, and that’s before they hit the higher echelons of education where the Progressive professors take over to reinforce that same Socialist mindset agenda!

President Trump gave the American people, via his speech yesterday two gifts. The first was the long lost hope for the future by giving back America the jobs, earning potential, and the reinstatement of the American dream.

The Second is the ‘Tax Reform’ Bill that will enable our children to move on and start wishing again for things that children should be wishing for, like sugar, spice, and everything nice, and the occasional cell phone, lap-top computer, …….. and the ‘Peace’ of mind that’s been absent from their lives for so long! 

The unspoken, but biggest gift of all, was the Hillary loss in 2016, and the time and chance for the American people to shake off the affects and cobwebs of the Obama and Hillary collusion to upset our founding Father’s constitutional apple cart!

“So, this Christmas eve when, you hear that clatter, and spring from your bed to see what was the matter, and then open the window/shutter to throw back the sash, know that it’s just President Trump checking off his promises by using a dash! …instead of a check-mark.”

I’m taking this opportunity to say, because I just came off the Facebook bench again this morning at 7:50 AM, and don’t know if I’ll find myself back off the bench before the end of the year, so, I’m checking my list, and checking it twice, trying to see who’s been on the left or the right, but either way I want to take the time to wish all of my friends and fellow protectors of our Constitutional Republic, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!