Reconciliation Means Bipartisanship When it Comes to the American People!

Reconciliation Means Bipartisanship When it Comes to the American People!

Reconciliation means bipartisanship, and exactly what the American people thought they were getting when sending their elected officials to DC!

Unfortunately the Liberals, were caught dumping their Socialist version of their ‘state run’ disaster known as Obamacare on the American people without one nod from a Republican! You know that these budget negotiations have to be addressed by the end of the week, and you know that it’s not going to turn out well. The reason is that these career politician’s enlarged egos have aloud these anachronistic political hacks to care less about what’s best for the American people and forget why they were sent to Washington in the first place! These party ‘lifer’s’ are so removed from the their original purpose of defending an protecting the Constitution of the United States of America, that their ass prints are embedded in the wood of the seat. They also forgot, due to the years and burn out factor of being in Washington for too long, that their long running individual feuds with the opposition party members is due to the fact that they’ve been at odds over everything and anything for a very long time, and have no available mental capacity left to think about anything else but themselves! 

The American people who represent both sides of the aisle are now on the sidelines ‘cheering together’ for the bipartisanship being used by two separate branches of government that are working together in unity to get something done for the American people. Unfortunately they’re all Republicans, but when you think about what Obama and his Progressive Czars and Gestapo tried to do to America’s constitutional Republic, then not participating without preconditions, is better than a good thing, and I would say, a  great thing!   

The American people are waking up and beginning to understand that it is to America’s advantage to repatriate those Corporate Trillions of dollars instead of those dollars being spent overseas! What people don’t understand though is that it was the intent by the left all along to force American companies and corporations out of the country for the sole purpose of having those Trillions of dollars not repatriated to America, but to boost the economy and redistribute America’s wealth and assets to finance and advance their globalist agenda to other overseas countries!

Why do you think America, or should I say Obama’s commitment by America over the next 10 years, pledged $10 Trillion tax payer’s dollars to cover the upfront money to launch the unapproved by Congress ‘Paris Accord? Why did Obama arranged to pay congressional members millions of dollars to fast track the passing of the TPP trade agreement? And last but not least, why did Obama fund and train members of ISIS?

Are you trying to tell me that the intentional economic oppression by Obama, as outlined by his mentor Saul Alinsky and his 8 steps needed to be completed before any country can be subject to a Socialist transformation, was not detected by the election committee through what should have been extreme vetting of the most powerful leader in the World?  Hmmm….

Over the last 8 years Obama had to be following orders from America’s political elitist to specifically undermine Reagan’s “Shining City Upon a Hill’ message to the world! Reagan’s direct target of this message was to the impoverished people of the world that were under the thumb of these oppressive Socialist, leading to Communist, ideological reigns of terror that they lived under for their entire lives without knowing any other way to live or understanding that there was an alternative! 

The American people are beginning to remember what it was like to be back in control of their own lives, putting food on the table again without relying on government assistance, and getting a job to create a better life for themselves and their families!

Obama and Hillary’s personally imposed their agenda of division via their political correct’ matrix upon the American people, but what they didn’t realize was that the American people left a 8 year long trail of Socialist crumbs that was easily followed, and thank heavens ratted out before the 2016 Presidential election!

The Liberal left’s ultimate goal was to divide and separate family, friends, and coworkers by labeling everyone individually by race, religion, and creed, then allowing their agenda journalist friends to delve into and exaggerate the differences and conflicts between the divides for political gain! In the end though, Hillary, by adding her ‘deplorable’ comment during a speech to Hollywood’s wealthy elites to describe anyone that supported then candidate Trump. The plan was to finish off candidate Trump’s opposition, and then have the ‘Kool-Aid’ drinking electorate take the being ‘Political Correct’ Socialist bait by targeting anyone and everybody that supported this outsider non-politician Presidential candidate Trump!

Hillary needed their attempted plan to divide and conquer the ‘Will’ of the American people to work, but when the American people came together to expose the Liberal lefts Socialist and Globalist game plan, and when a majority of Americans still stayed and supported candidate ‘Make America First Again’ Trump, you had to know that America, under the guidance of this non-politician businessman, that America could  finally, after 8 years of economic oppression under Obama, turn the corner on America’s economic future!

As we move toward the 2nd year of President Trump we can now sit back and laugh, and that’s because a year ago the polls were 100% off the mark when they had Hillary’s Socialist and Globalist Coronation already on the books as a done deal!  Cheers!    

Progressive Liberals think that working via bipartisanship means making the other side accept pre-conditions to join in by, in this case Republicans, accepting their terms of only fixing and not repealing the more than disastrous Obamacare, and then doing nothing for their constituency by hanging this albatross around the necks of the sick and dying, while not lifting or offering a hand to help! Sounds pretty bad doesn’t it, well it is!!

What Liberals have appeared to have done is revert back to their uninformed, not reading before voting on, and using fake news and innuendos to completely relay false information to the public via their ‘Agenda Journalist!’ One thing every law abiding American should know is that this Tax Bill will be passed, will be signed and in place by the end of the year, and will more than contribute to making America great again! Oh, I almost forgot, and President Trump will be checking off another promise off his ‘to do’ list to ‘Make America First Again!  

The constituency of the Democratic Party were ideologically stuck between a rock and a hard spot, but with now finding out how they’ve been kept in the dark intentionally for a long time while taking the Obama Socialist and Globalist bait. From what I hear and see from the Liberal combatants of the past, are that they’re beginning to see the light at the end of this long 8 year old very dark tunnel, and rethinking their political preference. They now are beginning to see that they were lied to, and after researching the facts on their own, they are beginning to understand that they have never been informed by the ‘Paid to Report’ Media about the years of lies that Obama’s ‘left’ leadership has been dumping on them!

These ‘left out, and hung out to dry’ Democrats now have a chance to be part of this patriotic bipartisan effort to help make America great again, and then helping out with draining the ‘Swamp’ that have hidden these the true socialist agenda of these unpatriotic elected officials that exist on both sides of the aisle for a very long time!  

We now know that candidate Trump exposed the facts about the inner working of both political parties, and found out, and later revealed, that the American people have never had a say in who would be representing their ‘Will’ and running for office to control the keys to the taxpayer’s coffers, which is really the only thing they really care about!

Let’s face it, the reality here is more than disturbing, and after watching Obama tax, spend and regulate to add an additional $10 Trillion to the National Debt over the last 8 years, then go against the American people’s voiced mandate to not give Iran the nuclear capabilities they’ve dreamed of forever, and going against American’s support of Israel, and then the worst of all, not answering the innocent Syria’s people call for help when cowardly Obama didn’t follow up to defend his lies and misleading empty ‘Red Line’ threats, cost the lives of 400,000 innocent men, women, and children.

Now with all of that being said you would have to believe that it was always about the keys to the taxpayer’s coffers, and if you can see the truth in that, and put one and one together with what you know now, could now see that the bulk of our elected officials could give a shit about the ‘Will’ of the American people!

President Trump just reconfirmed what I think most of us already knew, and that’s by not selecting the representatives that we send to Washington to deliver our state’s message because of the primaries being fixed, that these ‘fake’ representatives of the ‘Will’ of the American people could change America’s ideological path into the future, which is what the Democrats did when just offering two Socialist candidates to choose from  when vote for a President! They could also because of the fix being in, use only solvent country left in the free world taxpayer’s dollars and assets to finance their ideological ‘New World Order’ path into the future! The real sad story here is how these ‘fake’ Liberal and Conservative not representing the American peoples ‘Will’ are intentionally ignoring the rule of law and Constitution with no oversight, or use of the checks and balance that have been added to the constitution by our founding fathers for this exact reason! What the main outcome of all of this betrayal is to turn us into a ‘one size fits all country’ while striping America of its sovereignty that has set us apart from the rest of the world for a very long time!   

Liberals have decided that because their flanks are being protected by the over stayed leadership of Schumer and Pelosi and their puppets that control the FBI, IRS, Justice Department, and the ‘Paid to Report’ Media, that they could have imposed their own self-worth narrative of ‘the end justifies the means,’ and use Obama’s unconstitutional and illegal actions against our Constitutional Republic to complete their Socialist and globalist transformation of America mission!  

The leadership of Schumer and Pelosi comes from a long line of anti-America Globalists that could care less about America’s future, but more about how the perks of individual rights and potential personal growth should be wiped from the face of the earth so that society as a whole would succumb to the globalists and Socialists ideals of their ‘One size fits all’ agenda! What these Alinskyites need to accomplish their ultimate goal is to eliminate the distractions that could undermine there plans, like being sovereign as a country, and being free to follow your self-determined dreams as an individual!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a registered Independent that thinks Democrats would have to be pretty upset about the last primary when the option to be loyal to our founding father’s Constitutional Republic wasn’t offered, and given only two ‘Socialists’ to chose from! 

Ideological reconciliation of our founding fathers vision is not what these Progressive Liberals want, and that’s because their mission from the start has been to eliminate anything and everything that has to do without following the rule of law or constitution, and then not continuing on with our founding fathers definition of proven ideological success! What their missing though is that President Trump understands of the importance of what the American dream means to every member of every individual country, even though they don’t know it yet, on earth, and what it  meant to him! And even though these Liberals will do anything and everything they can to block these people’s aspirations of one day achieving their individual American Dream, is what the Liberals don’t want to happen. 

President Trump’s only crime is wanting to be able to give every American that same chance and feeling when reaching each of their own individual American Dream, and if that’s a crime to you, then there has to be another country with your name on it! 

Now when it comes to the individual rights that all American citizens are granted because of the ‘Bill of Rights,’ we know that America is the only country in today’s free world that doesn’t control and disperse these rights, liberties, and freedoms because they already belong to every legal American citizen!  

By attacking President Trump’s ‘Tweeting,’ which by the way is showing the American people that no matter what they think about it being presidential, or not presidential, it doesn’t really matter. What his ‘Tweeting’ is doing is giving him direct access to the people, without the ‘Paid to Report’ Media’s censorship and filters ‘tweaking’ his words to fit their overall clandestine Globalist and Socialist agenda.

These once FBI’ers Mueller and Rosenstein are ‘tap dancing’ while trying to hide their willingness and part in selling off America’s Uranium to Russia! They seem to have nothing to hang their hat on when it comes to proving the Russia and President Trump campaign collusion, and now with all of Mueller’s ‘missed hits’ with delivering on short lived past associates with charges outside the original scopes mandate, seems to have lost their focus on the purpose of the investigation they started on in the first place, but still protecting their self-preservation focus on the Trump prize!

Agenda Journalists continue to bombard their blindfolded patrons with mindless ‘Soap Opera’ like drumming of their Russia, Russia, Russia ‘Fake News’ life blood to run interference for these two FBI’ers! And the reason they’re doing this is to hide the real Russia, Russia, Russia, collusion that from the very start was supported and hidden from the American people through the real  should be collusion’charges by Obama, Hillary, the Justice Department, the leadership of all of our supposedly on the up and up ’17’ INTEL agencies into the Uranium One’s treasonous betrayal of National Security, America’s sovereignty, and lying to and disrespecting the ‘Will’ of the American people!     

When it comes to the passed Tax Reform Legislation by both the House and Senate, know that it’s now been handed off to the reconciliation Committee to deliberate via inter party bipartisanship to deliver the final product for the American people.

For the Democratic side of the aisle, know that a lot of pressure is coming from their constituency who are looking to hand off the Progressive political ideological baton to the Traditional branch of the Democratic Party, and then to help drain their side of the ‘swamp’ so that American politics can come back together and work together as one!

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