The White House’s New ‘Bottom Line’ Illegal Immigration Proposal!

The White House’s New ‘Bottom Line’ Illegal Immigration Proposal!

The White House’s new ‘bottom line’ Illegal Immigration proposal is something that these Liberal liars on the left should embrace, and that’s because it’s giving them more than what they asked for when it comes to the increase in the DACA numbers by almost 3 times as much then they were looking for! And for the part about Chain Migration, the elimination of Diversity Immigration Lottery, and the ‘Wall,’ are just other promises candidate Trump made to the American people that he’s fulfilling, like he did tax reform, cancelling regulations on Corporate America, lowering the tax rate on Corporations, and putting a stop to ISIS, which he did, but now working on the other promises that got him elected in the first place, and the immigration reform that both parties have avoided, but still allowed to be kicked down the road again, and again, and again!!

This outsider non-politician Billionaire President, who wrote the ‘Art of the Deal,’ fires his first salvo across the Liberal Left’s bow!

I see that President Trump is again delivering on his promises, but what I’m sad to not see in the first immigration reform salvo is that there is no reference to the fact that there are more than likely 2 to 3 times the amount of unvetted and illegal immigrants and refugees that will be allowed a path to citizenship! I don’t know if you caught this, but the Liberal left has been using the same 11.5-12.5 Million for the number of illegals since 2011!

The question that every American should be asking themselves, no matter what their political affiliation, should be what is the true number, and knowing that the ‘Paid to Report’ Media, isn’t going to spill the beans, and that’s because they’re backing the accounting of the liberal left on the immigration numbers, which should be a ‘huuuge red flag’ to all Americans!

What you have to understand is that these unvetted illegal immigrants and refugees are being specifically and intentionally seeded in areas of the country where illegals can vote, and as a result become the ruling majority in those specific and singled out communities! The bottom line here though is that America’s sovereignty is in jeopardy if illegals are allowed to vote illegally, and as a result having their votes cause a change in our culture’s chemistry, our Christian heritage, and the overall face of America! I don’t know about you, but I believe that any negotiation that comes out of these immigration reform committee meetings, can’t be implemented without some agreement on a mandatory Federal voter ID law! ~~~


The White House presented a new immigration framework to Congress, stating it will offer a ‘pathway’, not ‘Amnesty’ to citizenship for as many as 1.8 million undocumented immigrants brought into the United States as children in exchange for billions in funds for a border wall and significant new restrictions to legal immigration.

As President Donald Trump wrapped up his day at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, several aides at the White House briefed reporters on the outline of the framework while stopping short of expressing optimism the plan would gain bipartisan support.

‘The plan would demand $20 billion in funds for construction of a wall along the U.S.- Mexico border and significant cuts in family-based migration, making it so only the spouses and younger children of immigrants can enter the country with their ‘sponsor.’ The administration is also calling for an extra $5 billion in border security measures and an end to the Visa Lottery system.’

In exchange, the White House said President Trump would sign an immigration bill that includes a 10-12-year path to citizenship for 1.8 million ‘Dreamers’ “with requirements for work, education and good moral character,” according to the White House framework.

It marks a significant increase to the population of approximately 690,000 undocumented immigrants who have received protection under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or ‘DACA’ program.

“Some folks on the far left of the Democratic party– if they’re sincere in their care of DACA recipients, they’re going to have to acknowledge the election results and understand a bill under a Trump administration is going to be a serious immigration reform bill different than if Hillary Clinton had gotten elected,” a White House official said.

The plan would not provide protections for the parents of Dreamers.

The proposal is likely to be met with opposition on both sides of the aisle.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, on Thursday told reporters in the Capitol he didn’t support legislation that would grant a pathway to citizenship after President Trump said he’d support such an approach speaking to reporters at the White House on Wednesday.

“I do not believe we should be granting a path to citizenship to anybody here illegally,” said Cruz, R-Texas. “Doing so is inconsistent with the promises we made to the men and women who elected us.”

Democrats meanwhile have been hesitant to sign onto any legislation that rolls back legal immigration. While Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has expressed a willingness to put forward some funding for a border wall, he said in a speech on the Senate floor Thursday that expanding the conversation beyond border security measures “will just delay.”~~~

**‘White House unveils new ‘bottom line’ immigration proposal’ By Alexander Mallin

Here’s a reminder to our elected officials about what the America want when it comes to immigration reform!! ~~~


Cutting chain migration even more popular than legalizing Dreamers!!

A government shutdown is in the rear-view mirror, but the outlines of a looming immigration deal remain murky with the sides still far apart — though the latest polling suggests President Trump’s bargaining position may be strong.

A Harvard-Harris poll taken in the run-up to the shutdown found Americans strongly support granting citizenship rights to illegal immigrant Dreamers. But they also back Mr. Trump’s three demands for a border wall, limits to the chain of family migration and an end to the Diversity Visa Lottery.

Most striking of all is the public’s demand for lower overall legal immigration — a position that has little traction on Capitol Hill but one that is overwhelmingly popular across the country.

The poll found that most Americans want annual legal immigration capped at 500,000 a year or less — far lower than the current annual rate of 1.3 million.

Those findings challenge what many lawmakers say is the bipartisan consensus on Capitol Hill that while illegal immigration is to be discouraged, high levels of legal immigration are necessary for the nation’s image and its economy.

That is one of the positions likely to be tested as Congress begins a sprint to find an immigration compromise, potentially by Feb. 8 — the deadline for spending set Monday — but definitely by March 5, which is when Dreamers could begin losing legal protections in large numbers.

“For the first time in five years, we will have a debate on the floor of the Senate on the Dream Act and immigration,” said Sen. Richard J. Durbin, Illinois Democrat.


Mr. Durbin has been leading the push for legalization and partnering with Sen. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican, on the plan that has drawn the most attention.

The Graham-Durbin outline would grant eventual citizenship rights to the 690,000 Dreamers protected by Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and would include more than 1 million others who either didn’t apply for the Obama-era program or who were too old to qualify. The plan would also create legal protections, though not citizenship, for their parents.

The White House said it also is willing to talk about the broader immigrant population and more security and enforcement.

“If they’re willing to do the things we’ve asked to on visa, chain migration, border security, then we’re willing to consider a broader population, but we have not gone there,” Marc Short, the White House’s chief liaison to Congress, told reporters.

On the White House priorities, Mr. Graham and Mr. Durbin called for a 10 percent down payment on the Homeland Security Department’s $18 billion border wall proposal. Mr. Short said the White House needs more of a commitment to make sure future congresses don’t cut the money from the budget.

The Graham-Durbin plan did eliminate the Diversity Visa Lottery but recaptured those 50,000 annual visas and plowed them into a new amnesty program for would-be illegal immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and other countries struck by natural disasters who have been living in the U.S. under special humanitarian protections for years.

Mr. Short said the White House was pleased that Mr. Graham and Mr. Durbin accepted the end of the visa lottery but that the administration does not want those visas used for another program.

That is likely to be a tough sell for Congress, where support for a high level of legal immigration spans both parties.

Indeed, on Monday Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican, emerged from a meeting with Mr. Trump to float the idea of using visas from both the lottery and chain migration and pumping them back into the system to reduce backlogs of people waiting to immigrate legally.

“We ought to reward them,” he said.

The public may see the issue differently, according to the Harvard-Harris poll of American adults, taken Jan. 17-19.

The survey asked respondents what level of overall legal immigration they would like to see.

A stunning 35 percent said the level should be fewer than 250,000 a year, while another 19 percent said it should be 250,000 to 500,000. Combined, they make up a majority looking for a cut of at least 50 percent over current annual levels. Another 18 percent said they want to see 500,000 to 1 million.

Just 19 percent of respondents said they want an increase over 1 million.

Mr. Trump hasn’t said recently what legal immigration number he wants to see, but he has been vocal on changing the way the U.S. picks immigrants. He said skills and ability to assimilate in the U.S. should be weighted over extended family ties.

The poll says voters agree by a 79 percent to 21 percent margin.

That is even bigger than the 77 percent to 23 percent margin that supports legalization for Dreamers.

More than 60 percent of voters said current border security is inadequate, and 54 percent said they support “building a combination of physical and electronic barriers across the U.S.-Mexico border.”

That could boost Mr. Trump’s call for a border wall system, which according to a proposal sent to Capitol Hill this month would build or revamp 722 miles of fencing along the border.

By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times, a Friend of America!  ~~~~


A poll conducted by the Harvard Center for American Political Studies and The Harris Poll of more than 2,000 registered voters found overwhelming opposition to sanctuary jurisdictions. 80% of respondents said they think cities that arrest illegal aliens for crimes should be required to turn them over to immigration authorities.

Only 20% of registered voters say they oppose cities being required to turn criminal illegal aliens over to the feds. ~~

I’m beginning to see the outright elimination of Conservative and Independent points of view! I’ve a couple of well known writers and bloggers that are basically being axed, and don’t believe I’m that far away…I’m down to the point where anything I post is immediately marked as ‘Spam,’ and marked within a couple of seconds which they haven’t read it, but just doing their due diligence when it comes to stifling any and all Conservative comments and points of view that are opposite of what the ‘Paid to Report’ Media and the bipartisan ‘Swamp’ want you to believe, and who have no interest in ‘Making America Great Again,’ but only dragging Reagan’s ‘Shining City Upon a Hill’ into the depths of Hell! 

John Hawkins, one of my favorite Conservative bloggers, appears to be giving up the ship when it comes to Facebook, so, please check out this link to understand why, and John Hawkins’s more than accurate twist on the truth behind the reason why Facebook is forcing Conservative to part of the ‘Silent Majority!’ 

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