Transparency Challenges the Trump Dossier, and Hillary’s Uranium One Deal?

Transparency Challenges the Trump Dossier, and Hillary’s Uranium One Deal?

I guess with the NYT and Washington Post coming out with responsible stories on the truth behind the Trump Dossier, and the Uranium One deal, that the true intent of Alinskyites Obama and Hillary’s crooked and corrupt cats are out of the bag, and hoping that their days in the sun will be cut short!  

I think all Americans can now see a little light at the end of that long tunnel of ‘Political Correctness’ and Socialist dependency on government that they’ve been traveling through for the last 8 years, but now knowing that light could be that same Obama and Hillary progressive train if ‘America First’ loses in the 2018 midterms.

We know now though that after the lies, innuendos, and half-truths of Obama’s ‘Deep State’ about the Trump Dossier, the disproven Russia collusion, and Hillary selling out our countries Uranium to our number one enemy, Russia, that the light we see in that tunnel can only be the ‘Trump Train’ that is on the right track by making America great again, and you know he can!!  

What patriotic Americans who believe in our rule of law and constitution need to know is that without securing the 2018 midterm elections with ‘America First’ candidates, no matter from the Left or Right, that our call to action is not complete.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not about the division of the Obama Administration’s ‘political correctness,’ on individual’s perceived place in society, but our founding father’s Constitutional Republic’s ideological future over these Alinskyite Socialists that have been led by crooked Hillary, and the unconstitutional Presidency of Barack Obama!

What appears to be the unraveling of the Russia investigations into the collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russians, has now turned out to be the complete opposite where the Clinton campaign along with her stint as Secretary of State, and after, has been about the knee deep sh*t that I’ve been writing about for years……

The DNC, and the last standing liars of the Progressive branch of the Democratic Party, are still doubling down on this so-called distraction away from the Trump version of the ‘Russian’ collusion as the 6 committees delving into the Trump collusion has, to this day, still come up with nothing!

The real crime here is how Comey manipulated the system to get a special council assigned. It worked and Robert Mueller was picked to look into the Russian connection with the Trump campaign, and the possible collusion between the two that gave Trump the victory in the 2016 Presidential election over the already coronated Hillary Clinton! If we look back over the last two days we see Mueller, under the Obama Administration, was the head of the FBI, Eric Holder was the Attorney General, Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, and Brennan and Clapper were brining up the rear doing their back door cover up of the truth about the real collusion with the Obama Administration and the Russia’s Vladimir Putin!

During the questionable first FBI investigation into the Uranium One collusion with Russia, Mueller was the head of the FBI under Obama, but after the revelations of the last two days, it now appears that the investigation into the Russia Trump collusion has now turned into a cover-up bait and switch by this once Obama director of the FBI, and now being sent in as special council to use his go anywhere do anything he wants ‘card blanche,’ to preform the take out and clean up role by sabotaging anything and everything, and finger pointing at the outsider non-politician peoples mandated President, Donald J. Trump, when anything negative can be exposed!   

Mueller needs to step down from his role in the investigation into the Russian collusion with the Trump campaign due to conflict of interest, Comey needs to be indicted, Hillary and Obama also need to be indicted for treason, and the American People need to understand why paying attention and not just blindly accepting anything the ‘Paid to Report’ Media tells them to believe, and start questioning and vetting the candidates that we ‘used’ to believe had our founding fathers and our Constitutional Republics best interest at heart! 

It might be legal to look for information on an opposition candidate, but not legal to pay for and create a false dossier that has been fabricated to ensure the end run around victory. I guarantee you that within the next 2 news cycles that something will be produced by the Progressive left to try and get this forever etched betrayal of America and its constitution by the Liberal Left, off the front page, and off the lead story of the MSN live broadcasts.

The ‘Paid to Report’ Media, the NFL, Hollywood, and ‘The View’ will keep on spewing their ‘Never Trump’ narrative, but by doing so, will show the American people on the ‘Left’ that the lock-step wagon they attached their horse to is leading them in the direction that I really think they don’t want to be going in!

I started this adventure some 10 years ago when I saw something not right with what Washington was supposed to be dong when vetting the candidates running for the President of the United States, and to me now, apparently weren’t:

“My father was the most dedicated idealistic man when it came to the law, and to him it was either right or wrong, or in other words, black or white. There was no grey in between his black and white, but only the ‘letter of the law’ as written, and that’s how he interpreted and represented it.

I never voted before my father died because he was, in my mind, the most honest non-politician, that should have been a politician, that I ever knew. He used to get mad as hell at me, and My father used to use the argument, If I went out to a restaurant with a bunch of friends, and there was nothing on the menu I liked, wouldn’t I at least order something? I said no! Now to the point!!

My father was approached to run for the Mayor of a small town just outside of Manhattan and he turned them down, and when they left I, along with my brother and sister came out of the bedroom, which we were instructed to go when the election committee showed up, and preceded to warn us about the BS that goes along with politics, and pointed out that these politicians are only into it for themselves, and the power to manipulate the position for their personal greed and agenda……! My father died in 2001 before 9/11, and I kept my promise and voted in the 2004 elections.

I registered as an Independent and voted for Bush. Now you must know that like most Americans, believed and took comfort knowing, with the checks and balances in place, and the Constitution, that America’s exceptional group of Founding Fathers had gotten it right, and no matter who gets elected, our futures, and our children’s futures, would remain intact, protected, and guaranteed for generations to come.

Now 2007 comes rolling in and I hear that this 1st term congressman from Chicago is running for President, and carrying on with Rev. Wright and Bill Ayres of the famous anti American group called the ‘Underground,’ and the one charged in some of the bombings back in the 70’s!!!!….’AM I HEARING THINGS!!!!’….There’s more!!!…..then I hear Trump calling Obama out on his not being a ‘Natural Born Citizen’ eligibility requirement, which is stated in the Constitution to be able to be President of the United States! Now I know what you’re going to say to that remark, but Obama was born in Hawaii, maybe, but that only makes him a ‘Naturalized’ Citizen’ and that’s because only one, and not both parents were American citizens.

I got off the couch right then and started to write about the things I was learning and observing. I decided that my ‘perception’ about the guidelines of the Constitution being followed by our elected officials as laid out by our founding fathers is not the ‘reality,’ or either are the checks and balances that would, if enforced, stopped Obama’s illegal executive orders and Presidential Memorandums…… AND THE REST IS A RIGGED, INTENTIONAL, AND A CORRUPT HISTORY FOR THE FUTURE OF AMERICA, AND OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS TO COME!”

Obama has no clue about the Uranium One deal or Trump Dossier, Hillary says it’s baloney, and Trump’s DOJ just lifted the gag order on the FBI informant who knows it all when it comes to the Obama and Hillary’s real Russian collusion story behind the Uranium One deal! The next couple of days/weeks are going to be very, very interesting. 

Dossier options, conclusions, coincidences…?   

While it’s impossible to determine exactly how much money was spent on the dossier, the Clinton campaign paid Perkins Coie – the law firm of Clinton super-attorney Marc Elias – $5.6 million in legal fees from June 2015 to December 2016, according to campaign finance records, and the DNC paid the firm $3.6 million in “legal and compliance consulting’’ since Nov. 2015. Some of that money was presumably used to pay for the dossier.

Hmmm…? Where did I hear something about $6 Million, Oh, that’s $6 Billion…! and the money that went missing or lost at the State Department when Hillary was Secretary of State.

What to Know About the Dossier of Trump Research, and Who Paid for It.

WASHINGTON — The so-called Steele dossier of research into President Trump’s connections to Russia is back in the news, with the revelation that it was at least partly funded by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

What is the dossier?

It is a 35-page collection of research memos written by Christopher Steele, a respected former British intelligence agent, primarily during the 2016 presidential campaign. The memos allege a multifaceted conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russian government to help Mr. Trump defeat Mrs. Clinton. The memos also detail unsubstantiated accounts of encounters between Mr. Trump and Russian prostitutes, and real estate deals that were intended as bribes, among other claims about Mr. Trump’s businesses.

Who paid for it?

During the Republican primaries, a donor opposed to Mr. Trump becoming the party’s presidential candidate retained a research firm called Fusion GPS to unearth potentially damaging information about Mr. Trump. The donor has never been identified, but several possible suspects have denied responsibility, including officials from the so-called super PACs that supported the rival campaigns of Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida.

After Mr. Trump secured the nomination, Fusion GPS was hired on behalf of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign and the D.N.C. by their law firm, Perkins Coie, to compile research about Mr. Trump, his businesses and associates — including possible connections with Russia. It was at that point that Fusion GPS hired Mr. Steele, who has deep sourcing in Russia, to gather information.

Does it matter who paid for it?

That depends on your politics.


Have criticized the dossier since it was first publicly disseminated when Buzzfeed published it in January. Mr. Trump has blasted it as “fake news” and “phony stuff,” and alleged that it is part of a broader witch hunt intended to cast doubt on his victory. His allies now contend that the allegations in the dossier are discredited by the fact that it was funded at least partially by the Clinton campaign and the D.N.C. Mr. Trump asserted on Wednesday in an interview with Fox Business Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” that the Democrats’ payments for the research were “the real collusion.”


Argue that who paid for the research is irrelevant to the veracity of its claims, which they say should be thoroughly investigated. Yet some of the Democrats who funded the dossier have been leery about being associated with it. The lead Perkins Coie lawyer representing both the campaign and the D.N.C., Marc Elias, pushed back earlier this year when asked whether his firm was the client for the dossier, whether he possessed it before the election and whether he was involved in efforts to encourage media outlets to write about its contents.

On Tuesday, the veteran Democratic consultant Anita Dunn, who is working with Perkins Coie, explained Mr. Elias’s earlier response. “Obviously, he was not at liberty to confirm Perkins Coie as the client at that point, and should perhaps have ‘no commented’ more artfully,” Ms. Dunn wrote in an email.

Is this sort of research common or legal?

Campaigns and party committees frequently pay companies to assemble what’s known in politics as opposition research — essentially damaging information about their opponents — and nothing is illegal about the practice.

However, Republicans and campaign watchdogs have accused the Clinton campaign and the D.N.C. of violating campaign finance laws by disguising the payments to Fusion GPS on mandatory disclosures to the Federal Election Commission. Their disclosure reports do not list any payments from the Clinton campaign or the D.N.C. to Fusion GPS. They do list a total of $12.4 million in payments to Perkins Coie, but that’s almost entirely for legal consulting, with only one payment — of $66,500 — for “research consulting” from the D.N.C.

In a complaint filed with the F.E.C. on Wednesday, the Campaign Legal Center, a nonprofit group that urges stricter enforcement of election laws, alleged that “at least some of those payments were earmarked for Fusion GPS, with the purpose of conducting opposition research on Donald Trump.” The complaint asserts that the failure to list the ultimate purpose of that money “undermined the vital public information role that reporting is intended to serve.”

Graham M. Wilson, a partner at Perkins Coie, called the complaint “patently baseless,” in part because, he said, the research was done “to support the provision of legal services, and payments made by vendors to sub-vendors are not required to be disclosed in circumstances like this.”

Who else knew about Mr. Steele’s research during the campaign?

Officials from the Clinton campaign and the D.N.C. have said they were unaware that Perkins Coie facilitated the research on their behalf, even though the law firm was using their money to pay for it. Even Mrs. Clinton only found about Mr. Steele’s research after Buzzfeed published the dossier, according to two associates who discussed the matter with her. They said that she was disappointed that the research — as well as the fact that the F.B.I. was looking into connections between Mr. Trump’s associates and Russia — was not made public before Election Day.

But word of the memos and their contents had circulated in Washington political and media circles before the election. In British court filings, Mr. Steele’s lawyers said that he and Fusion GPS briefed journalists from a range of media outlets, including The New York Times, on his research starting in September of 2016.

Yet the research and even the existence of the dossier were not reported by the media, with the exception of Mother Jones magazine, which published a story in the days before the election that described the dossier, its origin and significance, while omitting the salacious claims.

How much of the dossier has been substantiated?

There has been no public corroboration of the salacious allegations against Mr. Trump, nor of the specific claims about coordination between his associates and the Russians. In fact, some of those claims have been challenged with supporting evidence. For instance, Mr. Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, produced his passport to rebut the dossier’s claim that he had secret meetings in Prague with a Russian official last year.

Where does the dossier fit in with the government’s Russia investigations?

James B. Comey, the former F.B.I. director whose firing by Mr. Trump prompted the appointment of a special counsel to oversee the Justice Department’s Russia investigation, received a copy of the memos after Election Day from Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona. Mr. McCain had dispatched David J. Kramer, a former top State Department official, to obtain the dossier directly from Mr. Steele. And before Election Day, the F.B.I. reached an agreement to pay Mr. Steele to continue his research, though that plan was scrapped after the dossier was published. During the presidential transition, senior American intelligence officials briefed Mr. Trump and President Barack Obama on the dossier.

Investigators from the House and Senate intelligence committees and Mr. Mueller’s team have been exploring claims made in the dossier. Mr. Mueller’s team reportedly interviewed Mr. Steele over the summer.

~~ By NYT’s KENNETH P. VOGELOCT. 25, 2017, ‘Today’ a Friend of America! 

You have to admit that transparency by the Progressive Left, which is one of the items they ran on back in 2007, was never meant to be, and nonexistent. The past collusion of the Obama Administration is their attempt to undermine our Constitutional Republic, sell out our sovereignty to the highest outside interest bidder, dismantle our military prowess and position on the world stage, and cause so much internal and personal disenchantment through the use of Political Correctness, and the Agenda Journalist’s who work for the ‘Paid to Report’ Media!