About Jonathan E. P. Moore

The man behind the curtain!

I, Jonathan E. P. Moore, was born in 1952 in a small town in New Jersey called Glen Rock. The house was a three-bedroom, one-bath ranch that the family lived in for 62 years until my mother died at the age of 92 back in 2013. My parents expanded the bath and kitchen after we all left home and graduated from college. My parents were both college educated and thought it was their responsibility and obligation to make sure the kids were college educated also. Planned Parenthood did exist for them back then, and carefully planned that my older sister, myself, and my younger brother were born 4 years apart.

They had 12 years of college with no overlapping, and if one of us kids needed any extras for spending, or additional time to graduate, it was on us individually!……It worked!! my sister graduated from Syracuse in NY, myself from The University of Findlay in OH, and my brother from Lafayette in PA.

My parents were both only children and ended up migrating to NYC to follow their careers, which is where they met. My mother was a model from SC and graduated from UNC Chapel Hill, and my father was from the Maine and New Hampshire area and a Corporate Lawyer who graduated from Yale, undergraduate, and Harvard Law. My whole family, except myself, were, and still are, Democrats!

My father, like my grandfather in WWI, dropped what he was doing and enlisted to go off and fight in WWII. He was a 2nd lieutenant in the army. He was a forward observer on the Leyte islands in the Philippines, which was one of the corners of the so-called strategic triangle. He was wounded in the shoulder by mortar fire, and sent back to America to heal where he received the Purple Heart.

My father was the most dedicated idealistic man when it came to the law, and to him it was either right or wrong, or in other words, black or white. There was no grey in between his black and white, but only the ‘letter of the law’ as written, and that’s how he interpreted and represented it.

I never voted before my father died because he was, in my mind, the most honest non-politician, that should have been a politician, that I ever knew. He use to get mad as hell at me, and My father used to use the argument, If I went out to a restaurant with a bunch of friends, and there was nothing on the menu I liked, wouldn’t I at least order something? I said no! Now to the point!!

My father was approached to run for the Mayor of a small town just outside of Manhattan and he turned them down, and when they left I, along with my  brother and sister came out of the bedroom, which we were instructed to go when the election committee showed up,  he warned us about the BS that goes along with politics, and pointed out that these politicians are only into it for themselves, and the power to manipulate the position for their personal greed and agenda……! My father died in 2001 before 9/11, and I kept my promise and voted in the 2004 elections.

I registered as an Independent and voted for Bush. Now you have to know that like most Americans, believed and took comfort knowing, with the checks and balances in place, and the Constitution, that America’s exceptional group of Founding Fathers had gotten it right, and no

Me and my son!

matter who gets elected, our futures, and our children’s futures, would remain intact, protected, and guaranteed for generations to come.

Now 2007 comes rolling in and I hear that this 1st term congressman from Chicago is running for President, and carrying on with Rev. Wright and Bill Ayres of the famous anti American group called the ‘Underground,’ and the one charged in some of the bombings back in the 70’s!!!!….’AM I HEARING THINGS!!!!’….There’s more!!!…..then I hear Trump calling Obama out on his not being a ‘Natural Born Citizen’ eligibility requirement, which is stated in the Constitution to be able to be President of the United States! Now I know what you’re going to say to that remark, but Obama was born in Hawaii, maybe, but that only makes him a ‘Naturalized’ Citizen’ and that’s because only one, and not both parents was an American citizen.

I got off the couch right then and started to write about the things I was learning and observing. I decided that my ‘perception’ about the guidelines of the Constitution being followed by our elected officials as laid out by our founding fathers is not the ‘reality,’ or either are the checks and balances that would, if enforced, stopped Obama’s illegal executive orders and Presidential Memorandums…… AND THE REST IS A RIGGED, INTENTIONAL, AND A CORRUPT HISTORY FOR THE FUTURE OF AMERICA, AND OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS TO COME!