Uranium One: Hillary’s Biggest ‘Turkey’ This Thanksgiving!

No matter what the ever growing list of facts that come out about the Obama Administration’s Uranium One deal, and how much closer and closer it appears to be running up the chain of command to President Obama himself, the ‘Paid to Report’ Media stills, because of the depths they’ve already gone to protect this bipartisan ‘Swamp,’ is losing whatever … Read more

Disrespect for the Rule of Law Runs Deep When Parents abandon their Responsibility!

Where was the UCLA marching band when these three hoodlums, who represented the best of College Basketball, decided that China’s rule of law wouldn’t stop them shoplifting anything and everything that they could stuff in their pockets, and how lucky they were that President Trump was able to get them a ‘get out of jail … Read more

Jeff Sessions Recusal: Forcing President Trump to Bring a Knife to a Gunfight With One Hand Tied Behind his Back!

Because of Jeff Sessions recusal, President Trump has been forced to bring a knife to a gunfight with one hand tied behind his back, especially when it comes to the ‘Swamp’s’ fixed version of their truth and justice! Time for the Soft-Spoken Jeff Sessions, who took himself out of the political fight for America’s political … Read more

Democrats,Schumer, Pelosi, Ellison, and Perez, Don’t Believe in a ‘Middle Class!’

How disingenuous and deceiving are Schumer and Pelosi when they talk about the middle class, when there is no middle class in Socialism, Communism, or the left’s future Socialist plans for America should they ever take back the House, Senate, or White House? I guess the word ‘Sucker’ comes to mind when Schumer and Pelosi start … Read more

Being ‘Afraid’ is the Only Thing Preventing America From Being Great Again!

FDR’s “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” has become sound advise after hearing how many Americans, after the predictable election results were released, commented on how being afraid is how they feel about the current political situation around the world with President Trump at the Helm. They seem to want only diplomacy, and … Read more