I Guess When it Comes to Obama, History Does Repeat Itself?

I Guess When it Comes to Obama, History Does Repeat Itself?

With Obama’s past history, and lack there of because of his not cooperating with the truth of his beginnings and education by withholding a lot of his personal information, I guess you can say, especially when it comes to Obama’s history, that history does repeat it self, and not in a positive way.

Obama is running around meeting with foreign leaders, criticizing his successors successes that he never had or achieved as President, and still out there swinging for the fences by hitting that outside pitch which he couldn’t hit as President, but still trying even though he is no longer on the roster of America’s First and Great again team.

I almost, but not quite, feel sorry for the first black president who used racism and victim-hood to gain support from the black community, and who then discarded them for the larger masses that could deliver their vote for him by his unconstitutional open border welcome mat, and funding the unvetted illegal immigrants and refugees so they would be able to deliver on the votes he needed to defraud the American people out of its sovereignty!

Obama’s was to deliver the America’s domino to the ‘New World Order’s’ powers to be so that the rest of the world’s domino’s would fall in line! Their agenda was to have every citizen in every country’s desires to be bundled together into their ‘One size fits all’ narrative, where they control the money, the jobs, the limited rights, freedoms, and liberties! 

Their goal is to hoard America’s wealth, riches, and assets to fund the international law enforcement militia, such as the United Nations, to silence the extreme opponents of their ‘One size fits all’ National Anthem, and stop anyone opposed to their plan who have openly decided to take a ‘knee’ in protest! ~~~

I have to ask if Obama was that narcissistic psychopath whose perception of reality had nothing to do with making America first or great again, but more in line with making America his stepping stone to the throne of the new world order, as did Hitler, and his Democratic Party sheeple back in the late 30’s and early 40’s?

I think that there’s a time where all of America can look back using their 20/20 vision, and see exactly what you couldn’t see in the moments of extreme jubilation and celebration that comes with the help of just a little hooch or fire water. For most of us it’s about the alcohol or other legal or illegal substances, but in this case, just the ‘Kool Ade’ that was being freely dished out by Obama’s lockstep ’Socialist’ sheeple.

We have an ex-President who’s by far broken tradition by visiting with foreign leaders, speaking out against the actions of his successor, and most of all, still defending his legacy as the reason for President Trumps record breaking achievements!

Just to show you how this mentor of Hillary Clinton has surpassed the diagnosis, just check out Hillary herself who also won’t go away, and for the same Narcissistic and Psychopathic reasons!

Hitler can best be described as a malignant narcissist as this can be the best psychological explanations of why he did the things he did, and when one understands spiritual roots, the origins of psychopaths come to light. Adolf Hitler, a man identified as a psychopath, without mercy sent millions of people to their deaths.  Now with that being said, does anyone out there still believe that America didn’t dodge the biggest bullet in history because of President Trump’s victory, and as a result saved our founding father’s Constitutional Republic from extinction?

Politics and show business attract narcissists because they feed on the adulation of crowds like vampires feed on blood, or in today’s terms, just full of himself!

Many politicians are not just narcissists, they are high-functioning psychopaths — charming and glib, amoral users of people, remorseless, and utterly devoid of a moral compass or conscience. In other words, their narcissism is not just excessive self-love and grandiosity, it is malignant. And psychiatrists tell us malignant narcissists have “a tendency to destroy everything that is good.”

It now should be commonplace knowledge that Obama is a narcissist and a psychopath. In 2008, millions of Americans and people across the world fell for his sorcery and, oh, how he drank in their adulation.

When experiencing a severe setback (“narcissistic injury”), garden-variety narcissists retreat from the world into a depression. After the narcissist has licked his wounds, he typically emerges from his retreat with his narcissism redoubled.

Malignant narcissists, however, go into a rage that psychiatrists appropriately call “narcissistic rage.” Nursing their wounded pride, malignant narcissists seek revenge — to punish those who refuse to recognize his superiority and reject his wonderfulness.

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Beware of Obama, the wounded vengeful narcissist!

Posted on November 5, 2014 by Dr. Eowyn

The real thing to consider is this little ditty, and Obama’s apparent need to show his supporters how his perception is far from reality, and that his holier than thou thumbing of his nose is still alive and well when interviewed by Prince Harry during a sit down just a week ago:

Obama said that on January 20, he had some mixed feelings given “all the work that was still undone” and “concerns about how the country moves forward.” But there was also “a serenity there more than I would have expected.”

Undone Work! He already created the most people in history on Welfare, the highest level of people in poverty, the highest amount of people either out of work or given up looking for work, and then changed the unemployment formula so that it didn’t include people out of work, but included people that were either working part-time or just a couple hours a day, and then taking credit for his continual record of the increase in steady employment over his tenure!

Without mentioning the current Tweeter-in-Chief by name, Obama said in response to a question about social media, “One of the dangers of the internet is that people can have entirely different realities. They can be just cocooned in information that reinforces their current biases.”

Let me get this right! “They can be just cocooned in information that reinforces their current biases.” If it weren’t for the internet most American would be knowing what’s going behind those closed doors which our elected officials were planning the surrender, by using ‘Citizens United’ to fill their pockets while selling off America’s sovereignty to the highest bidder! The ‘Paid to Report’ Media and their agents of ‘Fake News’ were keeping the American people up to date with the lies that bind, and when it comes to our ‘Tweeter-in-Chief,’ he was the only one pointing out the unconstitutional actions that Obama’s ‘Deep State’ were doing to bypass our constitution, rule of law, and the corruption behind the false charges of Russia’s collusion with the Trump Campaign, while at the same time having the FBI and Justice Departments hiding the true facts about Hillary’s emails, the Uranium One deal that gave away 20% of America’s Uranium to our number one enemy, which the way is the same enemy that supposedly helped President Trump beat Hillary in an Electoral College landslide!

A firm supporter of the First Amendment, Obama said, “The question I think really has to do with how do we harness this technology in a way that allows a multiplicity of voices, allows a diversity of views, but doesn’t lead to a balkanization of our society, but rather continues to promote ways of finding common ground… All of us in leadership have to find ways in which we can recreate a common space on the internet. It used to be, in the United states for example, we had three television stations, and everybody watched Walter Cronkite or David Brinkley or whoever the chief anchor was. Everybody had a common set of facts, and so there might be conservatives and liberals, but people could generally agree on a baseline of reality.”

Here we go again……“The question I think really has to do with how do we harness this technology in a way that allows a multiplicity of voices, allows a diversity of views” Now this is coming from an ex-President who could give a shit about a multiplicity of voices, and this is coming from a President whose  CIA paid the ‘Washington Post’ some $600 Million dollars to do what ever they had to do to discredit the Presidency of Donald J. Trump before and after the election, had the ‘Paid to Report’ Media in his pocket whose 97% of staffers donated to his campaign, and a Social Media that silenced anything and everything that went against his perception of America’s open border and socialist bait and switch, and anything posted as considered a conservative point of view! He also had the number one financier of everything and anything against the freedoms, liberties, and rights that went by the name of George Soros who backed Black Lives Matter, and ANTIFA to silence anything to do with the benefits of Capitalism, Striving toward one American Dream, and attacking anyone using Political Correctness and Implicit bias to divide all social levels and aspects of ones life, where it never existed before the Obama reign of terror!  

Speaking about his own reputation while in office, Obama said he was seen by the U.S. media generally as “somebody who was very dispassionate and professorial and analytical — and some of that’s true.” But, “I don’t think I can do my job well, or that any leader can do their job well if they don’t have the capacity to feel deeply for the people they’re serving. The great danger that often befalls leaders is that the people they’re supposed to be serving become abstractions. If you don’t understand that what you do every day has a profound impact on somebody else, then you shouldn’t be there.”

Talk about reconfirming Obama’s tendency to be slightly a legend in his own mind, he goes on to say: he was seen by the U.S. media generally as “somebody who was very dispassionate and professorial and analytical? What world was he on, and what newspaper or TV News show was he watching that didn’t back his every anti-American when bypassing the ‘rule of law,’ Constitution, or Congress?

Obama said that today he is, “obsessed” with “training the next generation of leaders to be able to make their mark on the world. When you’re in politics directly, then you’re a player on the field… Now I’m making that transition, to some degree, as a coach.”

Teaching them what? How to set the record back 50 years after he erased Martin Luther King’s 50 years of racial reconciliation? How to sponsor terrorism with tax payer dollars by smuggling $1.7 Billion in taxpayer’s cash, precious metals, and Jewels Iran, to the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world? How about using congressional allocated funds to America’s defense, Social Security, and Medicare to finance his unconstitutional DACA Executive Order with again taxpayer dollars?

I could go on, but how about teaching these future leaders how to divide, deceive, and lie to the American people continually for the greater good, but not for the greater good of America, but for the new world order and their ‘One size fits all’ policies where things like liberties, freedoms, and right’s don’t exist!

“Barack Obama Talks Dangers of Divisive Social Media Use”  By Nancy Tartaglione