Kate Steinle’s Sanctuary City Betrayed Her and America’s Sovereignty!

Kate Steinle’s Sanctuary City Betrayed Her and America’s Sovereignty!

Kate Steinle’s Sanctuary ‘Home’ City betrayed her and America’s sovereignty, but nobody seems to care, and nobody seems to think that the last free Country in the civilized world’s sovereignty, culture, Christian following, and rule of law or Constitution, is not a big deal because they still believe that our Constitutional Republic is intact, our justice department and America’s Intel Agencies are above board as they’ve been for generations, and that the ‘Paid to Report’ Media is delivering the real and honest news that’s fit to print!

So, what me worry? Yes, and we all should!

The Liberals keep practicing what their long-admired Nazi philosopher and mentor, Joseph Goebbels Nazi Propaganda Minister preaches, and by following one of his top 10 lines of wisdom hit parade from the Nazi’s playbook of words of wisdom, and it goes “Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty,”so know that the next time a liberal call’s you a racist, bigot, homophobe……. etc., just know these Liberals are talking from a long history of experience!


I guess that the ‘not guilty’ verdict in the Kate Steinle’s case last night will allow these Agenda Journalists to sleep snug in their beds, while visions of ‘Fake Sources,’ and a Trump impeachment, dance in their heads! …lol, it’s December 1st, what did you expect.

Yesterday’s verdict in the Kate Steinle’s murder case is not representative of what America stands for, and like the OJ Simpson case, a verdict against law abiding pro-American citizens who believe that our rule of law and ‘Bill of Rights’ actually mean something! You don’t have to be a genius to see that if an illegal immigrant whose committed multiple felonies, deported 5 times for doing so, then being given the rights of a legal citizen with all the protections granted to American citizens, and then murders with a stolen gun from a representative of a government agency, and then in a city and state that believes in Sanctuary over sovereignty, you have to know that something is wrong with the accepted and approved unconstitutional status quo of the teachings of the last administration!

CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers tweeted Thursday evening that the verdict in the Kate Steinle murder case proved that Steinle’s killing was a “tragic accident” that Donald Trump had exploited to encourage bigotry, and I think that the American people can see what’s been going on after being enlightened by the facts of the last 4 Administrations, and will officially drain the ‘Swamp’ starting in the 2018 Midterms, and finish during the 2020 Presidential election!

Time for the Wall, and Time to Dedicate the Wall to Kate Steinle!

The debate about Trump’s Wall has nothing to do with the truth, but the obstruction and ‘Fake News’ coming from the Liberal Left who think that spending a negative net $115 Billion dollars of non-existent congressionally approved taxpayer’s dollars that support unvetted illegal immigrants, refugees, and the DACA 800,000 young children and young adults, is more important then spending a max of $20 billion on building the ‘Wall!’

President Obama lied to these young DACA immigrants, and as a result have forced this illegal immigrant problem that they created, like they did when abandoning their constituency on Obamacare, on to the backs of the Trump Administration and the American taxpayer. What you have to know is that the Obama Socialist and Globalist Gestapo thought that Hillary was a lock, at least that’s what the polls had been saying for years, and that every illegal and unconstitutional action taken by our justice system and Intel agencies in behalf of the Progressive run for the Socialist control of America to secure the victory, would be rewarded by burying and hiding all the illegal and unconstitutional actions that these globalist and Socialist backing insiders performed following their ‘end justifies the means’ agenda! 

But with the Trump victory came the running of the Liberal Bull-Sh*t’ers, and the massive cover-up and collusion to upset the Trump apple cart at every turn. They used the ‘Paid to Report’ Media to shield them with the same ‘Fake News’ and lies that they used throughout the whole campaign, but this time started doubling down on their ‘Political Correct’ attack on anybody and everybody that voted for Trump!

The Wall, according to the Liberal Left, is a waste of money when technology could be just as effective as a physical barrier, really? Tell that to the builders of the Great ‘Wall’ of China that was originally conceived by Emperor Qin Shi Huang (c. 259-210 B.C.) in the third century B.C. as a means of preventing incursions from barbarian nomads into the Chinese Empire, the wall is one of the most extensive construction projects ever completed. The best-known and best-preserved section of the Great Wall was built in the 14th through 17th centuries A.D., during the Ming dynasty (1368-1644).

But ….

Though the Great Wall never effectively prevented invaders from entering China, it came to function more as a psychological barrier between Chinese civilization and the world, and remains a powerful symbol of the country’s enduring strength.

And ….

I think we all know how to turn off a light switch, I also think that we all know that today’s technology can’t stop our emails from being hacked, our top secrets from being stolen, or help our military fix the mechanical problems that the equipment our soldiers need, are killing more of our soldiers then our enemies are!

The ‘Kate Steinle Wall’ will be built, and built at a price of about one fifth of what illegal’s cost the American taxpayers’ per year. It will be a physical wall, and it won’t be able to be shut off using a switch, even if there is a new political wind that would be coming from the East or West!