Turning a ‘Mole Hill’ into a ‘Ant Hill,’ and ‘fake News’ into a ‘Nothing Burger!’

Turning a ‘Mole Hill’ into a ‘Ant Hill,’ and ‘fake News’ into a ‘Nothing Burger!’

Turning a ‘Mole Hill’ into a ‘Ant Hill,’ and ‘fake News’ into a ‘Nothing Burger’ is what Liberals do best. Now add their ‘savior’ and backers of ‘Fake’ news, the ‘Paid to Report’ Media’s owned Agenda Journalists, and you have a bunch of liars who are more than comfortable creating ‘Fake’ sources to create a fake narrative! One thing that we should all take comfort in is that the deck will remain to be stacked against President Trump for as long as these obstructionists shall live, and that’s a constant that we’ve lived with for a very long 8 years, and a constant we should all be used to. God knows what would happen if they moved off their normal routine of not being relevant. Scary thought? 

As I hear about  Mueller’s non existent accomplishments as special counsel who was appointed to dig into the Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, I reminded how this joke of a mission that has been more than just a little tainted and not credible!  I see his enabler Rod Rosenstein, whom I’m sure will be under the gun and indicted with Mueller as soon as Mueller is done stalling while attempting to cover up their guilty as hell trail when it comes to their part in the treasonous, and real collusion with Russia story, in the Uranium One’s sell off of America’s Uranium and sovereignty!

We have just learned in the day or so that a higher up on the ladder FBI guy had to be dismissed after posting anti-Trump and pro-Clinton ‘Tweets.’ Now we’ve also learned that this individual worked on the Hillary email Debacle, the Mueller and Rosenstein investigation and cover of the Uranium One deal to sell 20% of America’s Uranium to Russia, and you say it’s all about the collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, Hmmm, do tell!

Now before these Liberal Democrats and Agenda Journalist get their tidy whities in a bunch, lets breakdown of the common-sense facts that the ‘Paid to Report’ Media, like always, reverts back to their famous and self-serving game of ‘Fake’ News, half-truths, and innuendos!

By trying to steel the thunder from Presidents Trump’s vote on the America First’s make America great again Tax Bill, ABC reporter Brian Ross used his version of ‘Fake News’ to tank the ‘up, up, and away’ Trump Stock Market by some 350 points! 

Now I say, because I’ve been there, is what anyone who day trades the market should do, which would be backed and easily proven by the time stamps of the trade, is to sue the shit out of ABC and this rogue reporter Brian Ross for fraud! I also believe, but not sure, that you could get multiple times the amount of the loss because it was fraud! It’s about time that the ‘Paid to Report’ Media, and their Agenda Journalist that work for them, be help accountable for their ‘extremely careless’ Fake news, unverified sources, half-truths, innuendos, and outright lies!  

Wasn’t the original mission for the appointment of a Special Counsel to find out if their was collusion between ‘Hillary’s’ Russians and the Trump campaign? Now, if we all agree on that, we have to use a little common sense to see that every obvious rock that Mueller has turned over has resulted in him being able to add another notch or two to the handle of his prosecutorial gun.

Now, when it comes to Papadopoulos and Flynn’s plea deals, they came ‘after’ the election and not before, which should be telling you enough to know that collusion after the election isn’t part of the original mission that Mueller was hired to do! If you think about it, these two individuals coped a plea after lying to the FBI under oath, and only discovered to be lies after the ‘fake’ and financed Trump Dossier by the DNC was used to apply to the Fisa court to get the clearance to wire tap a private citizen! If you recall Flynn had been fired by Obama some 6 months before the end of Obama’s last term, and wasn’t employed by Trump and his Administration until February, which means Flynn was a private citizen at the time of the wire tap being conducted in December!  

Agenda Journalists know that there are no consequences for lying about their sources, and that’s because they will never be asked to reveal their sources. If they are attacked about the truth coming from these credible sources they just start screaming bloody murder and throwing a temper tantrum while looking for that safe place to hide. 

For every President Trump political win, and every time the ‘will’ of the American people’s electoral mandate is being respected and followed, it’s a wonderful life, and a conservative angel who voted for the Tax Bill will get his or her wings!  ….I couldn’t resist, sorry about that ……

The mouthpieces of CNN, MSNBC along with all the other ‘Paid to Report’ ‘Never Trump’ Agenda Journalists, want all Democrats to continue following, and eating their Kool-Aid ridden Liberal bread crumbs, just like most of their followers have been doing for the last 8 years.

To have to swallow the same old ‘Fake News’ narrative that Liberals continually spew has got to be like the boy that cried wolf who was finally ignored, but then killed by that same wolf he’d been lying about!

The Liberal left keep suffering political losses, keep marching lockstep against anything Trump, and parade their feckless leadership in public when they should be put in straight jackets, and shipped off to California’s Disney Land. 

Who remembers how candidate Trump exposed the left and right’s primary selection process as a fraud? Who remembers how the ‘Will’ of the American people were bypassed so that both parties could put their Progressive and Liberal leaning candidates, who were pre-approved based on their willingness to fall in their Socialist ranks, ignore the fact that President Obama’s was not ‘Natural Born’ citizen, which would have prevented Obama from being President of the United States of America, and stopped their agenda of ideological Socialist change of America?

The Obama Administration, along with the justice Department and the Intel leadership agreed to ignore the rule of law, the American people’s constitution, and in no way wanted to ever make America great again! They don’t want to encourage the people of all of these oppressed countries of the world to better themselves, and are to this day still forced to succumb to the pressures of Socialism or worse. Socialist don’t want these people’s attention to be drawn away from their perceived and dependent need for government’s role to control every aspect of their lives under Socialism!

These lost souls have never experienced self actualization or self dependence, and need that hypothetical ‘Get out of jail free’ card so they can look for a safe place that would give them a chance to follow their own Dreams. These people  just want to find a place to live with open ended possibilities that aren’t currently accessible in their lives because their current countries ideological restrictions stop them from having a chance to experience the liberties, freedoms and rights that are only granted by the last ‘Free’ nation that is left in the ‘Free’ world!

The Liberal Left tried their hardest to ‘Grinch’ out America’s economic boom right before Christmas, but fear not, they’ll be back to shut down the government next week, and push through their unconstitutional DACA agenda that the taxpayers’ have been on the hook for since the beginning! I stayed up and watched the Senate pass the Tax Reform between 1 and 2 AM this morning, and I knew after watching all the Liberal ‘Flack’ that was targeting all of the positives of this President’s record breaking accomplishments! the day started early with Michael Flynn’s plea deal for lying to the Senate, then went on to ABC’s story about ‘lying’ Flynn being asked to reach out to foreign countries during the Transition of power by a Trump higher up close to 2 months after the election, which is not only legal, but for what Flynn’s job description was predicted to be, expected! To reach out to  foreign countries during the transition of power is acceptable, legal, and showing due diligence, and just a common everyday occurrence!

Flynn, and his 33 years of military service, was fired by Obama for not agreeing with his foreign policy, but when you think about it, and knowing what we know today, can you blame him? It’s apparent that Flynn was accustomed to listening to the Obama and Hillary constant lying, which has been proven to be the largest intentional lying duo in the history of American politics. When it comes to the ‘why’s’ of what Flynn was doing lying I think he was just following the constant lying Narrative of these two Alinskyites, and thought when in Rome do like the Romans, forgot his integrity compass, and then lied when lying didn’t need to be done!

What’s going to be the next plan of attack by the quickly sinking Democratic ‘wrong message’ Party? For about the eighth time in the last few months the Democrats have had to fall back to a new defensive position to reevaluate their next plan of attack after the Republican Tax Bill was passed in the Senate. Know that the Traditional Branch of the Democratic Party, who still believe in working with the ‘right’ through the use of  Bipartisanship, was replaced by the manipulated progressive selection process initiated by the no longer in politics Alinskyites who tried to fix, through voter fraud, the last two elections!

Schumer and Pelosi have lost their grip on our Constitutional Republic’s American reality, and I hope that their leadership roles in the Democratic Party will come to an end very soon! I also believe that these lock step progressive followers of the Democratic Party will hopefully be replaced during the 2018 Midterms, and 2020 Presidential Election! Democrats who believe in bipartisanship, our Constitutional Republic, our rule of law, and most of all the ‘Bill of Rights’ and ‘Constitution’ need to elect the forced out ideological Traditional Democrats that were hung out to dry and bypassed intentionally 8 years ago. 

The next conundrum for the exiting Obama Administration in my mind is finding out what role did Obama play in the Trump Administration’s transitional team’s ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ allegations, and the more then rough and land mined political transition of power?

I could go on, but my mission moving forward is to keep my posting short and to the point.

But ….

December 8th is all about passing the nation’s budget for the next year, and it will be the last chance this year for Schumer and Pelosi to take a stand, and by doing so hopefully staying relevant in the eyes of the American people. America needs a two party system, with great straggler parties, for our Constitutional Republic to work with its checks and balances, but I just hope that the Democratic constituency decides to move away from the extreme ‘all or nothing’ Socialist platform, and move closer to the center where compromise and bipartisanship rules like it did back in the early days in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s!

Schumer and Pelosi have pre-approved shutting down the government if the DACA unconstitutional Executive Order, signed by Ex-President Obama, is not allowed to continue draining the taxpayer’s coffers, which was the Obama Administration’s everyday status quo formula for causing the National Debt to increase by $10 Trillion Dollars over the last 8 years under Obama!

How crazy is it that Schumer and Pelosi have suddenly started caring about the deficit as their excuse for voting against the American peoples mandate, and shutting down the already successful economic agenda of President Trump’s tax reform Bill? Without the Bill being passed yet, the promise of it becoming a reality is already creating jobs, raising the GDP percentage above expectations, and reestablishing America’s proper position on the world’s economic stage!

Go figure……?

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