Disrespect for the Rule of Law Runs Deep When Parents abandon their Responsibility!

Where was the UCLA marching band when these three hoodlums, who represented the best of College Basketball, decided that China’s rule of law wouldn’t stop them shoplifting anything and everything that they could stuff in their pockets, and how lucky they were that President Trump was able to get them a ‘get out of jail … Read more

Vegas, Victimization, Vengeance, and the Vilification of the Liberal Left!

Let me start with some current observations after I started writing this some 24 hours ago. Unfortunately, what I predicted would happen happened, and it shouldn’t surprise anybody. The Liberal Left, Hillary, and the Agenda Journalists, while the Las Vegas police are still trying to get a body count, are again using another tragedy to advance their ‘Never … Read more

‘Racism,’ the ‘Lie’ that Keeps Giving Liberals Meaning and Purpose!

‘Racism’ is the Liberal tool of division when belittling the dreams and aspirations of any and all minorities who now think that they can’t get ahead because of the left’s false narrative! To think that the left uses the term ‘racism’ as an excuse for not using dedication and hard work to achieve the American dream is the lie being perpetrated  by … Read more