Uranium One: Hillary’s Biggest ‘Turkey’ This Thanksgiving!

No matter what the ever growing list of facts that come out about the Obama Administration’s Uranium One deal, and how much closer and closer it appears to be running up the chain of command to President Obama himself, the ‘Paid to Report’ Media stills, because of the depths they’ve already gone to protect this bipartisan ‘Swamp,’ is losing whatever … Read more

Congress’s 545 Members Have a lot to Hide, Which They’ve Done Very Well!

President Trump has led the unsuspecting ‘Paid to Report’ Media and the 545 members of Congress into the light for all Americans to see, and exposing how our elected officials have decided, because they make the laws, that term limits will never become a reality, and that the Lobbyist’s who funnel outside interest’s foreign money to buy favor from our … Read more

The ‘Deep State’: Trapped Like Rats on Their Already Sinking Ship!

You had to know, like I mentioned the other day, that the ‘Left’ had to come up with something to counter the new revelations coming out about the collusion by the Obama Administration with selling off 20% of America’s Uranium to our number one enemy. It seems that ‘Deep State’ agent Robert Mueller’s investigation, along with the … Read more

Transparency Challenges the Trump Dossier, and Hillary’s Uranium One Deal?

I guess with the NYT and Washington Post coming out with responsible stories on the truth behind the Trump Dossier, and the Uranium One deal, that the true intent of Alinskyites Obama and Hillary’s crooked and corrupt cats are out of the bag, and hoping that their days in the sun will be cut short!   I think all Americans can … Read more

Hillary’s “Deep State’ and Her ‘Trickery’ Will Get the ‘Treat’ She Deserves!

All Americans must be feeling a little better today about the corrupt Obama ‘State of America’s Intelligence,’ and the over whelming evidence that was just released of the DNC and Hillary funding of the ‘Trump Dossier’ against Obama’s and Hillary’s ‘Deep State,’ but hopefully end with some very elite members of the Obama Administration in jail. The fix was in and … Read more