President Trump Takes Back Abandoned Leadership Role on World Stage!

President Trump is taking back the reins of the long-abandoned leadership role on the World Stage after it went missing, intentionally, under the not so caring watchful eye of the Obama administration! We don’t have to pretend anymore that these bipartisan obstructionist leaders should never have been allowed to stay in office after two terms, and … Read more

Obama’s Legacy: Deserting DACA Dreamers, Innocent Syrians, and the Constitution!

The lies of the left are running deep, and the blame game, when it comes to their stance on President Trump’s cancelation of DACA Dreamer’s future, is coming back to haunt them as we speak, and coming back big time! Progressives keep blaming the lack of action on the peoples mandate to make America great and first again because … Read more

Whose ‘Left’ on the ‘Right,’ Ryan and McConnell?

If Ryan, McConnell had spent more time defending the American People from Obama’s Socialist Globalism agenda by destroying America from within, then the rise of Trump would never have happened!! After all, they made their own bed, so, let them sleep in it!!  I think we’ve had enough time to see what side of the aisle Paul Ryan is … Read more

‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention,’ which means Obamacare is DEAD!

Americans received a wakeup call last night around 2:30 in the morning when the ‘skinny’ version of Obamacare was voted down, and then celebrated by the progressive left bosses thinking that they won the continuation lottery battle on Healthcare for America!  Obamacare, the biggest anti-American rights legislation in the history of America that targeted the … Read more