Facebook Using the ‘Spam’ Excuse to Censor, Silence, and Intimidate!

Here we go again! Facebook has blocked my latest ‘Post’ on Gun Control (Below) and has blocked my ability to post until 10/13, next Thursday. They say it was flagged for being ‘Spam,’ but I say it’s just educating my friends with what the ‘Paid to Report’ Media refuses to do, their job! If you … Read more

Vegas, Victimization, Vengeance, and the Vilification of the Liberal Left!

Let me start with some current observations after I started writing this some 24 hours ago. Unfortunately, what I predicted would happen happened, and it shouldn’t surprise anybody. The Liberal Left, Hillary, and the Agenda Journalists, while the Las Vegas police are still trying to get a body count, are again using another tragedy to advance their ‘Never … Read more

The Liberal Left and Agenda Journalists Now Wallowing in ‘Harvey’s’ Mud!

As I watch the coverage of Hurricane Harvey, the worst Hurricane in America’s history, and now being called the sixth great lake and the size of Lake Michigan, I’m reminded of only two other times in American history where the American people dropped whatever they were doing and came to the aid of their fellow man, … Read more