Hollywood Elite Having ‘Fun’ Making Fun of America’s Mandate!

Direct TV came to my rescue Sunday night and didn’t even know it, and that’s because there’s been a dispute between the owners of my local CBS station and Direct TV, and for the last week or so I’ve had no ability to see anything on CBS! I guess I missed the ‘never Trump’ shennanigans of the participants honoring the Hollywood elite, and their self-serving ‘Emmy’s, which … Read more

September 11th Remembered, Dreamers Lost, RHINO’s Deceiving, Swamp Getting Deep!

September 11th will be, if accurately reported and remembered by the Media, a dark place in the hearts of all that remember that day! But 16 years after September 11th, I doubt that DACA Dreamers remember very little to nothing about that day because of the Progressives and RINO’s attempt to erase that unpolitical correct possibility of the implication of a certain … Read more

Obama’s Legacy: Deserting DACA Dreamers, Innocent Syrians, and the Constitution!

The lies of the left are running deep, and the blame game, when it comes to their stance on President Trump’s cancelation of DACA Dreamer’s future, is coming back to haunt them as we speak, and coming back big time! Progressives keep blaming the lack of action on the peoples mandate to make America great and first again because … Read more